Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Running to run

I keep trying to remind myself that I am running the marathon simply for the experience. BUT when I get on my sister's blog and see this little guy I almost want to go and qualify for Boston or something. I mean, seriously. SOO stinkin cute.
So... I leave in two days. My legs hurt. I feel like there are blisters all over my feet. And I can't seem to cut the coffee even though it would be better for the whole hydration factor. Oh, and NYC weather changes by the day. Right now we are looking at 52 as the high for Sunday. Ready or not, NYC or bust.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No frills, just the facts

I thought and rethought and rethought about posting today. In the past I've received some criticism for slacking on my blog. SO even though I don't have any pictures to post I will post a little update of sorts:

10 Current Rauish facts:

1. My team just finished fall ball. We lost to Wash U and beat Truman. They really did pretty well, but we still have some stuff to work on.
2. My marathon is Sunday. I go back and forth between wanting a good time and wanting to simply take in the experience. I guess I will see how I feel Sunday morning. The good news is that weather is supposed to be amazing in NYC that day.
3. I have had a 3 day head ache... I don't love that.
4. I am taking 9 grad school hours right now. It is a lot of work, but I luckily I can get work done during my office hours.
5. I may never run again... and I may run a marathon in January. The second option will probably win.
6. I miss my college roommates. It's a shame I am busy every weekend until November 21... guess it will be a while before I see them.
7. My gym just got a new spinning bike in the cardio room. I am wondering if I should dabble in spinning and swimming and perhaps try a triathlon in the fall.
8. I haven't read a book in a while and I am pretty sure I didn't take near enough advantage of not being a student for three years.
9. I still miss coaching high school lacrosse even though I know my job is a dream.
10. I need to travel more.

That's all I have for now. Hopefully, a positive marathon report will be posted Monday!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

All My Babies at the Pumpkin Patch

Steph, Amy, Kara, Mom, and I were all off work on Friday. A few weeks ago we decided this would be a great opportunity for all of us to take the kiddos to the pumpkin patch. We did not plan for it to be approximately 35 degrees and windy. SO we bundled up the babies and braved it for a few minutes before deciding to call it quits and head to Red Robin for lunch. Before we head out I met my sister, Stephanie, to take Baby Dane's three month pictures. He has gotten a bit of chunk to his cheeks and started to smile so they were a blast to take. Below is a sneak preview of a few pics.
Check out that smile :)

What a cute little man!
Baby Claire bundled in her pink snow suit. She had a darling orange and black outfit on but it was just too cold.. her little nose just kept getting more and more red.
All the kids at the pumpkin patch.
Amy's three (Trey, Delaney, and Taylor)
Steph's Baby Dane
Kara's Baby Claire
Dane and Claire with the world's biggest pumpkin
This poor baby is terrified of that giant orange thing... just trying to figure out what it is!
Baby Dane
Claire is always posing.

It was a fun day despite the terrible weather. Hopefully those cute kiddos get some better weather for Halloween!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fun Fall Saturday

This past Saturday the weather was way more beautiful than we were expecting. My mom and two of my sisters headed to Ste. Genevieve to go to Crown Valley Winery. That 80's Band was performing so the usual peaceful, pretty winery was hopping with all kinds of crazy people. We mainly enjoyed people watching and eating while also consuming a bit of wine and throwing in some random conversation. It was a fun day... we now know to be prepared for a way crazier day if we go next year.
Me, Steph, and Amy
Me, Mom, Steph, and Amy

After the winery I got texts from Heather and Tom. Both of them were in the Soulard area. After much begging and pleading my mom dropped me off in Soulard. I found Heather at Oktoberfest. Tom later came to join. It was a fun experience, but not something I would do every year... it was absolutely packed. Those who enjoy booze and cold weather probably enjoyed it way more than this wineo who would prefer to be hot any day.
Me and Heather at Oktoberfest

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Team Service Project

Since it is my second season coaching at Missouri Baptist I have a few more things figured out. I didn't have to spend weeks trying to find a place for my team to do our service project. We returned to Special Need Soccer Association (SPENSA) and served as volunteer assistants to the youth soccer players. The girls had a blast despite the chilly weather. As a sidenote, I also have a really, really great team this year. With five new freshman and a new transfer we have a lot of newbies to work with. The team, however, is totally meshing and it is fun to go to practice and see what the season will look like. A few more players and we will have it made.
The team
A few freshman doing jumping jacks with their soccer friend
I think he's in love.
Kahlyn, Denise, and their kid
Some frosh and their friend

Looking forward to the fall :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Apple Picking

About a week ago the whole crew got together and went apple picking. All 5, YES 5, of my favorite little people were present. We had a great time on the last truly warm day of 2009. I mourned the loss of summer, climbed some trees, and had another allergy attack. It was truly delightful. But seriously, I think the kids enjoyed it, and looked darn cute doing so.
and the Frosties!!!
Trey, Delaney, and Taylor

My sisters all have absolutely beautiful kids- love them!

The Frost Family
No luck biting into it, huh kid?
Heading out with the loot
Just hanging out in the tree getting some allergies
the crew