Friday, February 27, 2015

Second Month Smiles

It sure seems like before we knew it our little guy was two months old. The second month was filled with tons of smiles and more sleepy time and cuddling. Tom and I were also able to get away for a date night which was much needed and very enjoyable. We cannot get over how much we love our little dude and how fun it is to watch him develop a little personality. Below are some pictures from his second month including a lot of good cuddly times we both got to share with him. 

Tom had a night out with some guys and was excited to win his jersey
Tom mocking Trace sleeping with his mouth open 

Trace's first bottle... it went much better than expected

he falls asleep int he funniest positions
Trace's first time hanging out with many of his cousins
a sling wrap walk on a sunny afternoon

a visit to Susie at work 
watching the Blues Game with daddy 

he LOVES to kick around on the playmat and is infatuated by himself in the mirror

mama helps Trace find his thumb.. he loves to suck his thumb but struggles to find it
Tedi loves (and is jealous of) Trace


after one of Trace's worst night's sleep. I was excited to be released to exercise but was too tired to do so.
He was obviously a little sleepy himself. 

in an attempt to keep him awake to play...

another day nice enough for a walk!
no it isn't Christmas. Yes Trace finally fits into his Christmas clothes

Trace loves bathtime and was able to move into the bigger baby tub
my sweet boy also loves story time.
starting to find his thumb for himself
fast asleep

time with his cousins on daddy's side. so fun

getting chubby!

date night at the Blues Game

I mean seriously... 

big fan of Grammy
we love outside weather and sunshine 

At Trace's second month appointment he was appalled by his shots. He weighed 12 pounds, 4 ounces and was 22 inches long. Our short and fat little buddy. Getting bigger every day!

Trace's response to the shots

Trace's look after waking up from the shots

We had a great second month! Looking forward to more snuggles and smiles from our little guy. He gets more and more fun every day. We couldn't be more in love.