Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Sweet Penpal

In May my best friends fiance got a job in Portland. He moved in early June and I had the summer to spend with Heather and her sweet, adorable kids. It was a blast. By the time they moved in late July they were calling me Aunt Katie. Katrina, her second grader, and I have kept in touch as pen pals from across the country. She is just an absolute doll.

Heather, Katrina, and I on their last night in St. Louis
This past weekend Tom and I got the opportunity to go visit them in their new home. The trip was an absolute blast. The kids were awesome, Portland was beautiful, and it was such a treat to see Heather and Dave. I can't wait to go back.
Katrina with her new dog, Boggs
Katrina and I the morning of the half marathon
Katrina supporting us despite the rain :)
She has become buddies with Tom and he is just so sweet to her. This is her watching the half marathon from his shoulders.
Hanging out on the couch- she always insisted on being between me and Tom :)
The sweet Baker kids
Me, Katrina, and Tom Sunday night for dinner
What a great trip with my sweet pen pal and best friend's family!