Tuesday, January 5, 2016

365 Days of Love for Our Little Dude

It truly was the best year of our life. Trace is one year old! Everyone says it but they say it for a reason: enjoy every minute because it goes too fast. I can honestly say not a day went by that I did not feel incredibly blessed to be the mother of this fun loving and adorable little guy. He made me so proud, made our lives so much richer and taught us so much about ourselves and each other. Tom and I constantly talk about him after he's gone to bed. We cannot believe he is ours. We cannot believe we are so lucky. We cannot believe we have already spent a year with him. What an incredible blessing.

Now that he is one..
Trace can say some words: Mama, Dada, Buddy, ball, baby, no no
*He either sleeps incredibly well or goes on equally as incredible sleep strikes
*He loves watching wheel of fortune and mickey mouse. 
*He kicks a soccer ball around the basement for fun. 
*He has become a very picky eater 
*He is opinionated and can throw a pretty good temper tantrum to let you know what he thinks
*He loves to read and can listen to books for a long time. 
*He still loves to ride around in his car and gets a lot of attention when he does.
*He can go up and down the steps on his own. 
*He can follow directions and sometimes chooses to :) 
*He is often recognized as being "very busy".

We love him so much and can't wait to see what the next year holds!