Tuesday, November 17, 2015

11 Months Gone in a Flash

There's nothing quite as surreal as the fact that this little man has been in our lives for 11 whole months. Never could I have imagined the richness of the joy he brings to our world and the fullness of a day at home or at the park. Never could I have dreamt up the type of love I feel for him. I was practically tearful looking at pictures of this past month as it has been filled with so much growth and so much enjoyment. The weather has been totally perfect and we have enjoyed spending days at the park and playing outside. We also had a visit from Heather and RJ. It was beyond fun to spend the week playing with our boys together. Trace's new things and loves this month include: 
-Dancing like crazy
-His talking has gotten loud and boisterous
-He doesn't hate riding in the car as much
-He makes more sounds like a car vroom and a dove. 
-He says "BA" whenever he sees a ball.
-He's eating a lot of food but is rejecting veggies a lot
-He is starting to show more of an opinion on what he wants to eat and do
-He loves playing with other kids and watching big kids
-He's falling a lot and had his first boo boo
-He loves trains and cars and trucks and all things loud. 
-He had his first Halloween and dressed like a puppy.
-He loves watching sports games and cheering for the teams.