Friday, July 24, 2009


I'm in love with this little man. He lives an hour away and it just about kills me. Just take a look at how stinkin' precious he is:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dane Leroy has arrived!!!!

After an urgent, he's going to be here any minute, call I went straight to Missouri Baptist on Tuesday to wait for Steffie's baby to arrive. After a mere five hours, a trip to the cafeteria AND vending machine, a visit from hospital security and many text messages later, Dane arrived. Dane Leroy
born at 5:25 pm
7 lbs 4 oz, 21 inch long

cousins in the waiting room

still waiting
the cousins are united!!!
Me with Steph and sweet Dane
the girls
check out his cute face
Meet the Evelsizers
And the proud (and tired) mom!

I'm already so in love!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Totally Normal

Steffie's due date was set for July 28th. However, as the date got closer the doctor decided to schedule an induction for July 21st. This was great news since a. that was the date I chose when we were all guessing b. Steffie's summertime pregnancy was a week shorter and c. we could schedule a girls night for pre-induction.... that's totally normal, right?!
SO, since the induction was scheduled for midnight we met at 6:00 for some Bread Co. We had a lovely outdoor meal with Dad, Dave, Mom, Amy, and Steph before heading to Tip O'Nails for pedicures and eyebrow waxings. One of the better parts of the evening was when the lady looked at Steph and asked when she was going to have her baby to which Steph said, "Tonight". I promise you every head in the place turned at once while simultaneously gasping. The nail ladies and those getting pedicures thought her quite crazy. After a good number of "I love yous"
from the nail ladies we went home and walked up to Oberweiss. Mom was sure to ask the other pregnant woman there when she was due. When she said September mom pointed to Steph and said, "Well, she's going to have her baby tonight!" Thanks, for sharing our news with everyone Shar!
All in all a phenomenal evening. Can't wait to share pics of baby Dane.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Winery Day '09!!!

Winery day '08 was planned as a going away party for someone who didn't go away... (me). BUT it was a huge success (just ask Steffie) so we decided to go again. This time was much more low key. It was pouring down rain in Ste Gen and only Steffie, Dave, Amy, Darnel, Mom, Dad, and I were able to attend. The rain made a beautiful background and the small group was kind of fun. Here are the pictures from the enjoyable occasion... next winery day is in September. Should be another fun affair, especially since Steffie won't be pregnant :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Slumber party

There are four (soon to be five) little people who I love very, very much. My sister, Amy, has three kids, Kara has one, and Stephanie is due TOMORROW!!! Nieces and nephews are just the sweetest most fun people in the world. I love when my sister gives me the opportunity to have the kids spend the night. I will say it is absolutely exhausting, so I choose to do it sparingly. Tuesday night was my sister's wedding anniversary so her kiddos came over for some fun at Aunt Katies. We ordered pizza, ate snow cones, made (and ate) monkey bread, and watched a movie with popcorn. Pretty much, we ate. But I loved it, and I think they did too.
eating monkey bread in the morning.
Two things to note:
1. Taylor in the background- not so into the candid photos at her age
2. Trey doesn't have pants on because he woke me up at 3:00 am and said, "Aunt Tatie, help me take off my pants...they are wet" Sure little dude. We took them off and he went back to bed. The bad aunt didn't even check to see if the whole floor or pull up was wet... I was sleepy.
Popcorn and a movie

The train collection that came for the party

Can't wait for the next slumber party... once I recover.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

There are few things I love more...

than a trip to the mountains. This past week I went to Vail for the Vail Lacrosse Shootout. I took Susie and Amanda (two MoBap players) and Whitney (a former Kwood girl) with me for the team. Enjoy the pictures because surely you won't find the stories as amusing as we did.
view from our hike
Whitney, Amanda, and Susie on our hike
band photo?

We are finally done... and the girls are very happy
hanging lake hike for the second night in a row
at the top of Hanging Lake
Vail Fourth of July Parade from our balcony
At the Continental Divide

12,000 ish feet!!!

What a great trip! Can't wait until next summer.