Friday, June 27, 2014

Taylor's High School Graduation

I can hardly believe it but the little girl in the picture below graduated from high school in May. I am sure she had more aunts and uncles in the crowd than any other graduate as we all proudly attended to watch her receive her diploma. This night was extra special as her dad is on the Kirkwood School Board and, therefore, got the opportunity to give it to her himself. What a great night to celebrate one of our favorite kids.

Taylor with the Rau kids...all Kirkwood graduates as well

Taylor with her aunts and uncles

Congratulations, Taylor. We are all so very proud of you and can't wait to see where life takes you.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

All things random and spring and wonderful.

Since I have neglected to blog this spring here is an update of a few happenings from April and May.

One spring day I was able to go down to Ste Genevieve and babysit Dane and Reese. We had a great day filled with fun outside playtime and a walk down to the lake to throw rocks.

One spring evening I was lucky enough to take this hunk on a date. We had a lovely dinner at The Block followed by some time browsing records at a Webster record store. It was a lovely evening. We ended the evening by listening to the new record purchases at home. 

We had a day of pretty intense yard work where we tore up our grass and started fresh. It's come a LONG way! Tom worked so hard and was SO sunburnt!

I got to hang out with these two sweet nephews and take them to see the firetrucks at Kirkwood Fire Station.

Tom and I went on another date. This time to the Blues Playoff game followed 
by a couple drinks at Ballpark Village. 

Easter Sunday was beautiful. We had a great time with family.

I did the Color Run downtown with my sisters and niece. 

I spent a lovely weekend with my mom. On Sunday morning we went to breakfast, visited the cemetary and walked around the property where I got married. It was a perfect morning. 

Tom and I went camping and he took me on a lovely early morning canoe ride. 

Mom and I participated in the St. Louis American Heart Association Walk in honor of a friend's family member. It was a lovely morning in memory of Courtney Chandler. 

We celebrated Celebrated Connor's fourth birthday. Hard to believe he is so old!

I hosted Mother's Day Brunch at my house.

AND FINALLY...we got a new fence.

We had a busy and fun spring full of time with family and friends and house projects. The summer is going equally as fast but hopefully I will keep up on the blog a little better! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bathroom Renovation

Ever since we moved into our house we have been annoyed by how cramped our bathroom is because of an oversized vanity. Back in September we bought a new vanity that was more appropriately sized for our bathroom. Time got away from us and we never installed the vanity. Finally, in March I decided it must be done. We enlisted the help of a good friend and got to work. 

Notice: The two tone tile. I decided that must go too. 

AND...while we were at it we needed to replace the floor so we picked out new tile.

Here's Tom taking out the vanity.
and the toilet is removed too.

Time to start tearing up floor tile. This was a messy and LOUD project. Tom worked so hard and was exhausted.

All the floor tile got removed

I began the process of painted over all the tile. Covering the gray tile was quite the project. 

Our sweet friend, Bob, came over and laid new tile for us.
Tom touched up some spots with caulk.

New vanity, painted tile, and new floor tile. 

The bathroom felt a million times bigger.

This was a pretty low key bathroom renovation that took about a weekend. The difference it makes is tremendous.