Monday, November 17, 2014

Our Baby Boy's Nursery

 Tom and I had a lot of fun creating a little nursery space for James Tracy Mueth the second. We talked about a couple different themes and decided we wanted the nursery to be a space where JTM would be introduced to some of the things we love in life. We discussed travel and camping and settled on a nature/camping inspired nursery. We didn't focus too much on the theme but let that be the inspiration for the decorations that we chose. I love the space that we ended up with and already spend some time sitting in the glider. It really is such a relaxing space for me. Hope JTM2 loves it too!
I painted the side table and made the bunting flags, pillow covers and JTM decoration.
I love to craft and had a blast creating these additions for his room.
Tom made the book racks under the window

"Let him sleep for when he wakes he will move mountains"
I painted this for our little guy
I fell in love with this quilt on etsy. It became our color and concept inspiration for the whole nursery. 

we've never had closet doors on this closet so I taught myself to sew some curtains to finish off this space 
an adorable family friend painted this beautiful nature scene for Trace
Some of our favorite vacation/outdoor nature shots 
I love this saying coupled with a picture of  James Tracy the first and Tom.
I also love that I could paint the saying on a piece of stained wood we used for a sign at our wedding.

Three views of the little man space. We can't wait to have him here enjoying the nursery we created for him!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Showered With All Kinds of Baby Love

We have been absolutely blown away by the love for our little guy, and he hasn't even arrived yet! We had FIVE perfect showers to honor our little guy and begin to welcome him into the world! We are now just four weeks away and cannot wait to introduce him to everyone. 

The first shower I had was in August. It was a small gathering with a few friends and their moms. My best friend was in town from Portland and wanted to honor our little guy. She did a great job having an adorable little dinner at Billy G's. I got a number of wonderful gifts and had a wonderful time with these ladies.

The next shower I had was thrown by my in laws. It was a wonderful evening full of family and friends and delicious food. I had a great time hanging with Tom's family and got so many great and adorable gifts for our little JT. 
All the Mueth Family at the shower 
My sweet mother in law
My grandmother has thrown two showers for every kid in my family. We were the last to get married and the last to have kids so this was shower number 12 for her! She is unbelievable. At 89 years old she is still a fabulous hostess and cook. I just cannot believe all the work she puts in to do this for each of us. 

We ALWAYS play BINGO complete with prizes. This is mama teaching two of her grandchildren.

Great food and desserts

My mom, me and my grandmother
My sisters and mom worked together to throw me a beautiful shower the weekend of Halloween. The decorations, food, favors and company were perfect. They did a great job!

Adorable favors to go along with our love for camping

amazing tasting food

me, my sisters and sister in law

me with my mom
Right when we thought we had been thoroughly showered Tom's work surprised him with a shower for our little guy. Again, everyone is just too nice. I went in for lunch with his coworkers and it was lovely.

Needless to say we feel very fortunate, spoiled and humbled. We are so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives and cannot wait for everyone to meet our sweet little guy. I can already tell he will be very loved indeed.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Colorado Anniversary Trip: Our Last Day

On our last day in Colorado we woke up, had a coffee and packed up. We were undecided on where to hike but decided we would most prefer to find a trail close to where we were staying. We were in between a number of fourteen thousand foot peaks so there was a lot of hiking nearby. We chose to check out the Montgomery Reservoir. We didn't expect much but were hoping to see some golden Aspen trees and explore the area near Alma. We were pleasantly surprised. It was an incredible trail and another beautiful day. We had so much fun hiking around, exploring the mine and eating lunch by the waterfall. I am obsessed with golden Aspens and just appreciated being among the trees.