Friday, January 30, 2009

A cozy end to a snowy day!

What better way to end a snow day than with Guitar Hero Complete Band. I skipped bible study to order Chinese and play Guitar Hero with the Frost family. I actually forgot what day of the week it was... for those of you questioning my bible study commitment. 
The trio singing
Taylor is ridiculous good at guitar hero. I am actually a little jealous. 
Trey doesn't so much play the guitar, but he sure does look cute. 

Just for the record, I worked HARD to get through the whole song of Sweet Home Alabama. I mean so hard that I had tears on my shirt from trying to keep my eyes open. Still not quite sure how boys play video games all day, but I suggest you try complete band it's like a video game for the whole family at once. 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

One of my favorite things...

While I was in New York this past weekend I kept reading facebook statuses that read, "Watching the snow fall", "Yay it's snowing" "Snow finally"... you get the picture. I was sure there was a blizzard in St. Louis and I was missing it. However, when I landed Tuesday morning I found that the grass was barely covered... and then it started to fall. And kept falling. 
It was glorious. I got to do my favorite thing. 
I bundled up. 
Grabbed my ipod. 
Stuck in my headphones. 
And set off for a long winter's walk. 
With snow still falling I walked through a very quiet downtown Kirkwood, and loved every second of my stroll. I really don't know why I love it so much, but I absolutely do. 
One of my very favorite things in life is taking a walk by myself in a snow storm. Love. 
Below are some pics I captured on my phone. I thought the VERY slow moving train looked cool with the snow. 

Who doesn't love a snow day?

Most people stay inside on a snow day. They watch movies, build a fire, eat soup and grilled cheese... you get the gist. Not this girl. I live for snow days. I personally think I am pretty good at driving in the snow and love to get out in it. I don't drive around like an idiot, but I just enjoy fewer people on the roads and seeing everything beautifully covered in a blanket of white. Besides it is pretty much impossible for me to sit inside! 

My favorite little Frosties had two snow days this week, so I decided on day number 2 to go over and free them from their mom who hadn't left the house in 48 hours :)
Posing in the front yard... all bundled up 
Laney trying to keep on her sled
Priceless: Trey complaining about having to go up the hill, Delaney half way up and complaining, and Taylor basking in the glory of being at the top. 
Trey sledding down
"I got it, I got it. Almost there. Aunt Tatie, I'm almost there"
He talked himself the whole way up the hill... and at the top: 
"I made it!"
Taylor catching some snow in the face

What a great, great snow day! Tomorrow I will include some more pics of 
how we concluded such a lovely day at home

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just a little weekend getaway

Last week I was sitting in my office when a coach from out East called to see if I could help her with a clinic in Kansas City. She gave me her history of coaching only to discover that she had coached my friends at Davidson College. With that I texted my friends in NYC and promptly decided to buy a ticket. I got a really cheap flight and flew in on Friday night. We spent Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday on Long Island with the Diefendorf family. I met the whole family when I was in Africa and enjoy being around all of them. We visited grandmommy at the nursing home, sat by the fire, had breakfast at the diner, played games, went to church, and played paddle ball. It was SO fun! 

After church on Sunday we went into the city to stay at Whit and Emily's apartment. Monday morning Whitney and I walked through Central Park before breakfast. I had lunch with my cousin I hadn't seen since I was 12 which was awesome. I also saw Jamie for some afternoon coffee. It was an incredible day spent walking around the city and enjoying time with people. 

What a wonderful trip. I didn't take many pictures, but below are some I captured for those of you who may ask :) 

Central Park
In Times Square after lunch with Cousin Sarah
Adorable Diefendorf Nephew, Anderson
Jenny Dief and Anderson

Monday, January 19, 2009

No "honk, honk, wave" for me!

My friend's little boy loves to tell his mama when he notices cars he's familiar with on the road. He will get his mom's attention and then point and inform her of who he "sees" simply by recognizing the car. I have never witnessed this, but have heard a bit about it. 

Let me just say that I would have Tuck all kinds of confused. Since December 23rd I have driven four different cars. I drove a lovely Saab Hatchback for a week courtesy of the Wilmot family, particularly Joe. He was quite gracious, even when I spilled a full latte inside. 
After that I drove my car for a few days before returning it to the dealer. I then drove a 2008 Hyundai Elantra for ten days before returning that to head to Baltimore for four days. And this morning, my friends, at 7:30 am I arrived at the dealer to pick up my fourth car since December 23rd. I am now driving a Kia Spectra. Can somebody say ridiculous? 
The 10 day Elantra
The current ride... in case you want to "honk, honk, wave"
The Wilmot hatchback.. only sea foam green. 

Why, you ask? 
Well, here's the deal. My car doesn't start when it is below 32 degrees outside. It didn't start last winter, but I dealt with it. I am not being so patient this winter. I have decided to get this fixed... on warranty of course. It's been rough. I've lost many things in the process, decided to get a purse, and been tempted to get a new car all together. This morning my buddy, Craig, said he thinks he knows what is wrong and will call me soon. HOWEVER, the car is still where it was Thursday when he said he had no idea. Figure that one out for me. 

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Little Cowboy

I stopped by my sister's house this afternoon to see if she had any soy sauce. (Don't ask). She didn't, and, of course, I didn't just leave but ended up spending a few hours with a couple of my favorites. I was on the way to watch a high school swim meet and asked Trey to come along. The Little Cowboy sweetly agreed to join me. 
Not gonna lie...everyone loved his boots and hat. Let it be known that when I have a kid I hope he/she will want to wear costumes on a regular basis...princess, cowboys, spiderman,
 love them all. 
The Little Cowboy leaving the swim meet

After the swim meet I went back to the Frost house to work off some of the crab rangoon. I should have known better. The kids are constantly joining me for my workouts when I'm there. As a result my work out either passes quickly or drags forever. Tonight was a drag forever night as I constantly worried about one of them being smashed by the bar. 
Trey desperately attempting bench press. 
Lou Lou handling the bar a bit better. 

Thanks for keeping me company. 

Just your average Monday...

I have laughed more today than I have in a long time. Since I haven't blogged in a week and don't have any pictures to share I figured I would tell you about my day.

3:30 am
I awake gasping for breath. In my dream Lizzie is holding me under water in a cold mountain
pond. It was scary. I struggled to go back to sleep.

8:20 am
I woke up. The first words of my day were, "Oh Crap!" My alarm was set for 7:00 but I
clearly slept in.

9:00 am
Free coffee in the campus coffee shop... not from the 72 year old coach that loves me... from
my punch card rather.

10:50 am
I start to heat up my shrimp scampi lean gourmet to eat for lunch

10:52 am
Three people in the office invite me to lunch

10:53 am
I throw away my lunch and head out the door

10:55 am
We find Chrissy King in the parking lot and insist she throw away her lunch as well.

11:00 - 11:45 am
We enjoyed a delicious lunch at McCallisters. We laughed a whole lot. The premise of the
lunch was, "Why is Katie single?" Complete with discussions of my defectiveness. Coach
Yehling's viewpoint is that I am defective because I a. don't eat meat and b. am allergic
to everything. Sounds like a mean discussion but it was hysterical. They wanted to do a
speed dating lunch session and have me sit a table alone. The plan was that every business
man who walked through the door would have a couple minutes to impress. Hysterical!
Seriously, these people are ridiculous. I think Coach Yehling may be my new dating coach or

2:22 pm
I think I am going to leave... I am tired from laughing too hard.

Seriously people, it's just your average Monday.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Best of 2008

People Magazine does the Best of 2008, so I figured it would only be appropriate for me to do so as well. These are in no particular order... just as they uploaded!
Please also note that the background music is Best of 2008 as well... for one reason or another. 

Best Sentimental Moment
This is me speaking at my last event as Head Coach for Kirkwood. I will miss those girls like crazy... This is also when I received an award as Coach of the Year. 
An amazing night for me for many reasons. 

Best Friend in Town
Rachel was here in the spring and we enjoyed a Cards game together with Abby and Maddie. 

Best All Around Memory
Lizzie's wedding was incredible. 
We had a blast being bridesmaids and celebrating with Liz and Tom. 

Best Girls' Night
Lizzie's Bachelorette party 
Little Black Dress theme complete with Little Black dress wine

Best Summer Activity
Abby will hate me for this picture, but we enjoyed many a Cards games together... and I loved it

Best Birthday Party
Melissa's 25th at the wineries for Octoberfest 

Best Family Event 
Tammy's wedding was an all around enjoyable family event

Best Random Evening Out
I went to the balloon glow and races with the Frosty's. It was awesome. 
We went totally randomly and will go every year from now on. 
ps... excuse the SUPER short hair

Best Trip
Lizzie and I went to Colorado for a week. 
This is us at the top of the Alpine Slide in Steamboat. 

Best Reunion
High school friends came over for a girls night during Christmas break. 

Best Family Day
Most of the Raus and some friends enjoyed a day at the winery. 
We had a blast... just ask Steffie. 

Best Solo Activity
I enjoyed many a nice days at Castlewood State Park. I loved the time alone listening to my ipod and hiking the trails. It's my new favorite St. Louis spot. 

Best DD Day
I drove for the girls while they enjoyed the ridiculousness that is St. Louis Mardi Gras... 
on Lizzie's birthday none the less

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Slumber Party!

Trey and Delaney find it super cool that I live in an apartment. I know the thrill will wear out sooner or later, but right now they love it. They also love my roommate, Annie. Since I have been promising it forever, I finally found a night that would work and invited the kiddos over for a slumber party. They received new sleeping bags for Christmas and were super excited to bring them over for the occasion. 
Mama, Papa, Aunt Steffie, and Uncle Dave joined us for pizza dinner. 
We set the kids up on the floor for a picnic dinner. 
Trey playing Santa Claus in the laundry basket. The pillows on the ground are the reindeer. The pillow behind him is an elf... none of us volunteered when he requested. This kid was absolutely obsessed with Santa and his sleigh for Christmas 2008.
Mel joined us for the slumber party and helped make monkey bread. 
Laney, Taylor, and Trey under the fort we made and slept under. 
Brushing their teeth in Aunt Katie's bathroom... Taylor wasn't happy about this picture

All in all the slumber party was a success. My sweet little Trey was the only real issue for the following reasons : 
1. He loves to jump... I live on the third floor. 
2. He tends to be a little clumsy... I have white carpet and couch. 
3. He woke up at 3:00 am SCREAMING bloody murder for five minutes. He didn't stop until I crawled through the chairs for the fort, over Delaney, and up onto the couch. 
4. He then continued to snore in my ear for the remainder of the night. 

Seriously though, it was a blast. 

Friday, January 2, 2009

To 2009!

My parents host a very fun New Years Day party every year. This year we watched some bowl games, drank sparkling grape juice (we are very kid friendly), toasted to 2009, built a fire, and watched a movie. It was a blast! I honestly enjoyed this day almost more than Christmas. Check out the picture below and try to guess what movie we enjoyed.
Amy, Delaney, and Trey toasting, "To 2009!" Delaney almost lost her sparking grape juice privileges because she kept calling it wine... haha. 
with the kids by the fire
Some of my favorite memories are building fires in this fireplace
All of us gathering around to watch a movie and eat popcorn from the Whirly Pop my aunt and uncle gave us for Christmas... if you are a popcorn eater I strongly encourage this purchase
So the movie on the screen above is my mother's favorite movie of ALL time. She laughs, she cries, no one else can hear the movie. It's great... but really. She thoroughly enjoys watching this movie, and it is actually pretty fun to watch it with her. 

Thursday, January 1, 2009

By Special Request..

Fee fee requested that I provide some explanation for her "sleepiness". Below are the pictures I am referring to... 

And the explanation... 
Congrats Fee fee and Dave!