Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Our Hilarious and Adventurous Ten Month Old

What a ride it has been. Every month Trace is more fun as he learns more and more each day. This month was filled with Trace's first trip to Colorado, new teeth, a lot of park trips, a couple visits to Grant's Farm, silly faces galore and a whole lot of climbing, crawling and general mischief. We love Trace to pieces and are still in awe that he is ours forever. Here are some of his new adventures and favorites from this month as well as some of our highlights in photos. 

*He has started walking behind toys all over the basement. 
*His favorite past time is dancing and clapping to music. He crawls to the record player and sits there and claps until I turn the music on. 
*He is now waving often but usually not on command. 
*He loves sirens and big trucks. 
*He was teething really badly for a week and went from eating anything to being picky. We are working on getting him back on track but he is still rejecting most meat. 
*We went to allergy testing and discovered Trace is allergic to milk, eggs and dogs.
*He switched to a big boy carseat and is somewhat happier in the car...but is still a bad car rider.
*Trace LOVES to go down slides head first. People are constantly amazed by his bravery. 
*He loves playing in the bathroom. He unrolls the toilet paper and flushes the toilet. 
*His silly face is his trademark and he makes it all the time. 

-Sorry the pictures are in no particular order

Trace's first taste of lemon

Trace's first parade

Grant's Farm

wild 9 month check up

first plane ride