Monday, October 31, 2011

Monster Bike Bash

This past weekend as everyone was wishing they were in St. Louis for the Cardinal's World Series win Tom and I were heading out to Columbia. Weeks ago we committed to do the Monster Bike Bash on the Katy Trail with Paul and his girlfriend, Alex. And I'm glad we did. I haven't dressed up in years. It was a fun way to dress up and get outside on one of the last beautiful weekends left.
Tom got together with the guys and dressed as the Beastie Boys from the Intergalactic video...weird right? I decided to be Waldo. I just looked a little crazy if you ask me, but I had so much fun.
Me and Tom before the ride

There was a huge crew of people and we hit the trail together. It was a blast with lots of music, laughs, and even some good conversation. Not sure if you can tell in this picture but there was even a group that coordinated and dressed as a six pack. Too funny.

The Beastie Boys hanging by the bridge.
All the Beastie Boys together. Tom carried BB music with him. It was a big hit.
Tom biking with an elephant and Jockey...normal.
Paul with his pumpkin and a little pumpkin
The next segment of pictures is me hidden as Where's Waldo at various places throughout the day. For some reason this may have been the most entertaining thing I've done in a while.

Yes..."Amy Winehouse" is passed out in the front of my picture

We made a dinner run to Midway Truckstop...home of the reality show "Truck Stop Missouri"
They were filming. And Tom took a picture with the cut outs of the stars... one of whom happens to be an old college roommate. Too funny.
The night culminated with camping complete with a campfire and a lit pumpkin. Too fun.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dane is a big brother!

This past weekend was crazy busy with house guests, birthday parties, and a new addition to our family. We all gathered at my parent's house on Sunday night for the Cardinal's game and my dad's birthday. During the gathering my sister got "the call" to come to the hospital to be induced. Off she went as we all carried on with our party, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the little guy on Monday morning (my dad's birthday!) Monday I got to hang with Dane for the day as we waited to go meet his new little brother. Once we finally got dressed and ready to go, new baby, Reese, was already 2 hours old! Below is the recap of the day!

Waiting for the go ahead to come meet him
Dane in his big brother shirt
"Mommy's treats" as Dane says
Joe, happy, as always
Dane getting his first look at Baby Reese
Dane helping Daddy hold baby Reese
My new little friend
The cousins ...minus Claire
The sisters...minus Kara
The new Evelsizer family of 4
Meet Reese Henderson Evelsizer
Born 7:16 am on October 17, 2011
8 pounds 1 ounce, 21 inches long
He shares a middle name and birthday with his papa.

After our time at the hospital we head to lunch and play.
Joe at The Daily Bread
What a big boy!
We dropped my friend, Heather, at the airport and Dane took a much needed nap
Then he was ready to play at McDonald's play land
We were heading to Farmer's Market when it started to rain so we went here instead
That evening Tom and I got to hang with Dane while my mom went to a meeting.
Dane truly adores Tom... it is too cute.
Reese in his little brother shirt the day he came home from the hospital.
I can't wait to love on this little guy as he grows up... he is too sweet!

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Favorite Bro is a 30 Year Old Man

This past weekend was crazy busy and fun. Among the events of the weekend was a birthday celebration in honor of my brother who turned 30 on Sunday. His wife did a wonderful job gathering up his closest friends and family members for an Oktoberfest themed celebration. The weather was beautiful for yard games, drinks, and a bonfire.

Tom and I drove with Dane....these two are special friends.
Dane skipped up to the party in excitement
The kids played games and rode on the scooters they brought to the party

Tom, TJ, and me
Baby Joe and an especially German looking TJ
Dane and TJ in their matching hats
The party was a blast. It was fun to celebrate TJ and I know he enjoyed the festivities.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beer Bottoms Brew Festival

Tom and I decided to do something fun in honor of our "one year until the wedding date". We wanted to ride the Katy Trail then stay at Klondike Park that night but all the campsites were full over a month ahead of time. Instead we rode the ten miles from Weldon Springs to Augusta and went to a brew fest for the day then rode back. It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day and the brewfest was so much fun. Below are some of the shots we took.

Showing off my Schlafly Pumpkin Ale to Lara H.

ONLY 367 DAYS!!!!!! ugh.