Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If you know me, you know of them.

These three children are my pride and joy.  As much as I talk about wanting kids sometimes I wonder if I will be able to love them as much (or find them as cute) as these three. I have had a blast watching Taylor grow up (she is now 13), love chatting with Delaney, and can't help but to listen to Tray babble on about his "frains". Seriously, these three are the best. 

Three reasons why I am glad I didn't move. 
All three of them are SO cute and amazing. I love them so much. Frost number four? 

Scootering her way through the Greentree Parade. 
Right before I took this picture he informed me, "Aunt Tatie, I not gonna fall". His shirt sure does say, "My Mom Rules"
Check out the slobber on the shirt. 
Taylor's gorgeous...enough said. 

i was going to live there...

but plans changed. It's been for the best. I guess you could say God knew what He was doing on this one. However, I still long for Rocky Mountain High... often. 

I look up into the trees in CSU quad. 
Sunrise in Estes Park. 
Horsetooth ... near CSU's campus. 
Estes Park 
Estes Park 

Hopefully it is only a matter of time before I end up living there. I'm thinking CCU should start a lacrosse program. 

Monday, September 29, 2008

More Africa

Here's the pictures that didn't fit in the last entry: 

The drummers at our Victoria Falls hotel. 
Last night in Africa....another beautiful sunset. 
The elephants were so fun to watch. 
The bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe that I went bungee jumping off. 
The rainbow that always sits in the mist of Victoria Falls. 

I miss Africa!

Many of you know that I am on my third career since graduation from college in 2006. 2006-2007 I taught 8th grade english to the delightful children of Buerkle Middle School. I think it would be putting it lightly to say I abhorred it. 2007-2008 I was a walking counselor at Kirkwood High School. It wasn't terrible, but I mainly did it so I could coach lacrosse. It was a dead end position since I wasn't looking to get hired in the school district. I am finally in a career I might enjoy as the head women's lacrosse coach for Missouri Baptist University. 

Although it's been a struggle to get where I am it hasn't been all bad. The year I taught at Buerkle I was living in the Young Life house. As a Young Life leader I was able to live in the house for free. One might think that would be a great opportunity to save money to buy a house, pay off my car, establish a savings, ect , ect. I thought it was a great opportunity to spend thousands of dollars to go to Africa on a mission trip/safari. Below are very few of the pictures I took... enjoy! 

On the way to the airport my parents handed me Kirkwood -Webster Times to take a picture so they could send it in. I actually did it... these are my second week girls whom I adored. 
Sunsets in Zambia are beautiful. This comes no where near doing it justice. 
Sunset... last night. 
A beautiful tree in Zimbabwe... on the elephant back safari. 
This is the home of Cleopatra. She was in my group during the first week of camp. 


I am not a water person. I hate swimming in it; I would prefer to just lay at the edge of a lake, pool, or ocean. However, I love the sound and feel of having water nearby. These are some of my favorite "water" pictures. 

       Victoria Falls: Zambia, Africa 
I didn't even take this picture, but I love it. 
These are my parents... their first time at the beach. Summer 2008. 
Waterfall running up the trail on Hanging Lake hike near Vail, Colorado. 

                                               Sprouting Rock at the top of Hanging Lake

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not just about photos...

Let me just preface this "photo" blog by saying it isn't just about photos. My sisters tend to really like my photography although I think it is nothing special. My sister, Stephanie, recently asked if I would create a blog with my photography, so this is the result. 

However, you may also catch some insight into my life, the random things I think about, and the people I care about. I understand that I don't have an adorable little one whose life I will be detailing with pictures and little glimpses of "kids say the darndest things", so you may lose interest quickly. However, if you remember to, please stop by randomly... you may find a picture or story that is pleasing to you. With this, then, I enter the blogging world.