Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Almost there!!!

Hey All,

I just wanted to report that I am one month out from my marathon in NEW YORK CITY!!
I have completed my longest run at 22 miles. I have two 12 mile runs, a 20 mile run, and an 8 mile run left (as far as long runs are concerned!) I am pretty excited to be almost finished. If you are still interested in donating to Team For Kids I have a bit of money left to raise. Thanks for your support!

Here is the information:

You will have to enter the following information:
entry number: 361820
last name: Rau

Only $1,000 left to reach my goal!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

City of Roses Half Marathon

This past weekend was set to be my 13 mile run for marathon training. Instead of doing another boring solo run I decided to run in the Cape Girardeau Half Marathon. It was a very, very humid morning but the race was nice. I also had great time with Leslie, Rach, and Baby JD.
Leslie, Me, Rach and JD after the race
Me finished in 1 hr 51 minutes
JD waiting for Aunt Katie to finish
the finish line

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Greentree Festival

Last Saturday was the Greentree Festival in Kirkwood. We have been going to the festival since I can remember and I even performed in the parade a few years. This year Amy's kids were performing in the parade, so the rest of us simply got to enjoy ourselves. I had the family over for breakfast and then we walked up to Downtown Kirkwood to see the kiddos.
Baby Cousins
Baby Cousins
Dane-July 21 and Claire- February 15
Taylor in the parade
watching the parade
Delaney in the parade (far right)
Trey and Darnel in the parade
no joke--- this kid loves a turkey leg

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A day at the lake

Steph, Baby Dane, and I headed to the lake this past weekend to visit Tammy. We didn't actually see much of the lake, but we did see a lot of the outlet mall. I was able to snag some sweet deals on clothes for work. Although today an article popped up on msn claiming outlet malls aren't as good of a deal as consumers believe I still stand by the theory that driving five miles (roundtrip) to shop makes perfect sense. That is, shop AND see the sis. We had a blast and enjoyed a nice lunch on the lake before we returned to STL. Baby Dane was a gem all day... that little cutie.

Steph, Tam, Dane, and I at the lake
Steph and her little man
go ahead, eat him right up
Tammy and I with the little man

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cards and Babies

This little man is already a Cards fan... and I love that.
Almost as much as I love when six is a serious number and I get to head to Mobile on the Run for my 25 cent drink. Seriously, I am an addict. And apparently the littlest fan is too!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Babies

are getting so big. These are just a few snaps from my phone camera, but they are just darling and hard not to share.
Trey is in love with his baby Claire
The sweet baby is ready for a walk
Claire is five months older than Baby Dane. They look and act totally different now, but I am sure one day they will be best friends.
Baby Dane loves a walk.