Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Some more Random Summer

This summer is passing by quickly but has already been really great. I am in a busier time right now as I have summer school/camp every day from 11:15-3:15 and this week I have Field Hockey Camp as well. I am also coaching a high school club lacrosse team two nights a week. These are all great things but keep me really busy. I wish I could share pictures from summer school and talk about it a little more but it is a public school thing so I really can't. I will just say I am learning so much and having a blast. I have gotten a little time to hang out with some of my favorite little people and also gotten a chance to go to the gardens twice for the Whitaker Music Festival. All in all we are enjoying our summer and trying to slow it down as best we can. Enjoy a smattering of pictures from different days. 
Trey came over one night so we could babysit
Tom is awesome with Trey and even babysat by himself for a half hour
Sweet Trey loved the baby backpack
Wednesday night at the gardens
Cheers with my sweet mother in law at the gardens

I have gotten to play with Eva June some afternoons. So fun. 
The many faces of Eva

It's been a great summer so far. Our summer vacation is 2.5 weeks away and then it's 3 weeks off for me before I am back to work!

Friday, June 21, 2013

My Roomie's Sweet Baby Girls

Back in September I drove down to Cape Girardeau to meet up with my college roommate and run a half marathon with her and her family. When I arrived she surprised me with the news that she just found out she was pregnant. I was so excited for her and her sweet husband, Daniel. We had a great weekend and returned to our respective towns. We talked regularly as she went through her first trimester. Then, early one Sunday morning I got a call from her. I missed the call and was immediately worried that something bad had happened. I called Rachel back and she immediately announced that she was pregnant with TWINS! They had gone to the hospital that morning thinking she was having complications and found out she was actually having two babies. She was over the moon. I loved following her pregnancy and was ecstatic when the babies were born. I had to wait a month to see them but was just excited to spend some time with Rach and her precious duo, Elin and Elliette. Enjoy! 

Elliette Kate 

what a sweet snuggler

Elin's crib
Elliette's crib
Rachel and Elliette

Elin makes many awesome facial expressions
hanging out with my sweet girl, Elin
I had such a wonderful time with the girls. I can't wait to get back to Cape Girardeau and see them again.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just some random

In the midst of a lot of craziness Tom and I have still had some time to just slow down and enjoy lately. Summer has been slow to heat up so we have had a lot of fun in the yard and taking some walks here and there. They even opened a Mobil on the Run close to us, so when "6 is a serious number" we can walk up there for a drink! 
Serious about our sunglasses and our 50 cent drinks
Although Tom loved his Audi we decided it was time to let that car go. Too many maintenance issues made it a burden we didn't want to carry. After much online research Tom knew what two cars he wanted to test drive. We went up to the car dealership on Friday of Memorial Day weekend to drive cars. He loved the Chevy Malibu but we decided to keep looking.
A hug goodbye

Tom on a test drive
After another test drive we went back to the Chevy dealership to get Tom's new car. He has never had a brand new car before so this was quite fun for him.

Hugging the new ride
 After some car purchases and a birthday party we were off to Memorial Day camping. It was a beautiful weekend minus an evening downpour. All in all it was just nice to get away and start the summer camping season.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Mueths turned 30!

Last month both Tom and I celebrated our 30th birthday. Neither of us are huge on big celebrations so we decided to have a small backyard bbq with mostly family. It was a fun way to ring in our next year of life and celebrate with some of those most dear to us. Below are some of the pictures from the wonderful occasion. 

Me and my Godson, Dane.

It was a very sunny day so the party was moved to the shady part of the yard.
the kids ran around and had a blast

Joe asking Connor for forgiveness with a hug

my sweet niece, Eva June
Tom opening his birthday gift
A very sweaty Dane just adores Tom
Tom was thrilled to get a banjo for his birthday

my mom got me my very favorite cake from Lubeley's Bakery

We had a great time celebrating our birthdays and really appreciate the family and friends who made it so very special for us. Here's to many more celebrations in the future.