Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our Baby Reveal

Tom and I couldn't be more excited to share our great news. We have been planning and anxiously awaiting this day. Yesterday, at 18 weeks we went to the doctor to see how baby Mueth is doing and determine gender. We were so excited to know if we would be having a little dude or a little lady. We we waited in the doctor's office and tried to keep ourselves busy. The ultrasound tech did a great job of showing us everything about the baby and having us close our eyes as she determined the gender. It was a great doctor's appointment with nothing but good news. After the appointment we went home to begin our evening and know the gender of our sweet baby!
me and Baby Mueth at 13 weeks
me and baby Mueth last night at 18 weeks...before knowing the gender
the best picture we got to see at the office ...that wouldn't reveal gender
 The tech gave us our secret envelope with the final two pictures. 

Excited/Nervous to know what's inside! 
 When we got home we had a friend waiting for us. She so graciously took the envelope, read the contents and gave us back all the appropriate things. We had given her red sparklers for a girl and green sparklers for a boy. She gave us an envelope with the appropriate sparklers as well as a couple bonus gifts for our new sweet baby! After receiving her help we walked up to Hot Pot to eat dinner/keep busy!

3 bags revealing our baby's gender
 Time for our reveal! Couldn't be more excited!
The first bag had the sparklers inside

Baby Mueth what will you be?
A little dude or a little lady?
We lit the sparklers and THEY WERE GREEN! I couldn't believe it! We were so so so shocked! What a fun surprise. 

Bag number 2 was sparkling wine and a boy card
Bag number 3 contained 2 sweet little dude outfits

And the video of us finding out we are having a boy due December 16!

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