Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A little over a year ago Tom moved into a lovely apartment close to downtown Kirkwood. That was the best perk of his new place. We enjoyed many evenings of walking to downtown Kirkwood for dinner and drinks. However, as the year progressed the other tenant in the building became kind of a pain. There are far too many stories to share so in short I will simply say she made the place hard to endure. By the time December came around it was hard to envision a whole extra year in that location so he signed a month to month lease and the search for a new living arrangement began. I narrowed the search to mostly duplex and houses and eventually came across a lease to own. It was a cute house in a cute area so I told Tom we should look into it. Heather was in town and it was Super Bowl weekend, but Saturday afternoon we looked at the house. We loved it. Sunday we went back and looked with my parents. It was a cute house but the asking price was simply too high. Also, lease to own means additional dollars each month.

SO...the wheels started turning. Could we buy? That night during the Super Bowl we filled out a loan application. We decided we would see if it was even possible. We also searched houses in our price range in Des Peres, Kirkwood, and Glendale. The next morning I decided we should contact a real estate agent. By 4:00 Monday afternoon we were walking through two houses we found online. Tuesday during lunch we walked through three more houses. I didn't like the first house we walked through on Monday but Tom raved about it, so I decided it deserved a second look. Our agent agreed to walk through that house with us one more time. I loved it.

Tuesday night we talked and decided we really wanted to see what my dad thought of the house and if it went well we would make an offer. We let our agent (who was leaving town the next morning) know on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning she connected us with a different agent to take us through Wednesday at 4:00. Everyone loved the house! So, we made an offer. We walked through our first house on Monday at 4:00 and made an offer by Wednesday at 5:30. The whole time we were asking ourselves if we were crazy. But, everything worked out. We couldn't be happier. It's a great house in a great area for the right price. Close is a week from tomorrow, March 8th, and then that baby is ours!

Our house with the Under Contract sign
The move has been interesting to say the least. Renting a POD was Tom's best idea ever. The POD arrived Saturday, we filled it Sunday, and it was moved to the house on Tuesday. Awesome. So easy. All the stuff is now in our driveway waiting for us for two weeks and homelessness isn't too bad.

TJ was such a huge help.
He and Tom worked VERY hard filling the POD just right!

Sharon and Terry supervising!

YAY! On the way to being Homeowners.

Sitting at Geyer and Manchester...there goes our POD

The POD is delivered and waiting...one week and this baby is ours :)
Although it was difficult at times I should say,
"Thank you, Carolyn, for pushing us into home ownership!"

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Life is Crazy...More to Come Soon

It's been a bit since I have had a chance to blog. It is not because life has been boring or mundane or lacking any news. A LOT has been going on. Here's a rundown:

* Last week was terrible- speeding ticket, team drama, honeymoon reservation issues...ugh. It was bad. I was over it. I needed a vacation.

*Wednesday night I had a great dinner and glass of wine with a friend. It was exactly what I needed

*Thursday Heather came into town and it couldn't have been a more timely visit. We laughed, cried and just enjoyed having time together. It was so great having her here. Sunday, she was gone and it was back to the grind.

*This week has been a whirlwind. Not quite ready to report the happenings of the week, but I will soon.

All in all I have just been too busy and exhausted and mentally drained to blog. I'll get back at it soon .