Thursday, April 28, 2011

An "Adult" Easter Egg Hunt of Sorts

Throughout the season I would tell my team it was time to ball hunt in the tall grass at the park where we practiced. Eventually, as I used the term ball hunt repeatedly the girls began asking for an easter egg hunt. I said "sure" knowing full well we wouldn't have time for egg hunts during the end of the season. However, as I prepared to head to Georgia for our post season tournament I thought it might be nice to surprise the girls with an Easter egg hunt for Easter weekend.

Meredith, the athletic trainer, and I snuck some eggs and candy into our room and began to fill them. The next morning Bill, our lovely bus driver, took us to the park and dropped us off. We hid all 92 eggs in 10 minutes while he went back to pick up the girls. They were ecstatic when they jumped off the bus! It was pretty fun since they were (or at least acted) excited about the egg hunt.
Below is a picture of them heading out to hunt some eggs.
A cool stump in the park
Vanessa and Amanda with their eggs
The whole team with their eggs
And Susie, who is apparently a small child. She found almost half of all the eggs.
I almost didn't do the egg hunt because I didn't know if they would be excited enough for all the energy it would take. But they were! We had a blast.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some Serious Weather and Dessert

I've had a big week and have a lot to post about. Here's a couple simple things for starters. St. Louis has had some very serious weather in the last week. Tuesday night we got out of class just in time to get home before crazy weather. I decided it was not too bad so I tried to go meet Lara for dinner. It started getting really loud and I thought I hit something. Then I realized it was hailing...HARD. Below is a piece of hail that fell on my car. Scary out there people.
Wednesday night I prepared for a trip to Georgia with my team. Part of preparing means making the girls tons of treats for them to gorge themselves with on the ride. This time I made cake balls. They love these decadent little treats. I also wanted to try a new dessert. It turned out delicious if I do say so myself...and it is SO easy. All you do is buy two fudge brownie mixes. You make one as directed on the box and pour it into a cake pan. You then put three large candy bars on the mix. The second box of brownie mix is then made and poured on top. It looks like the picture below before adding the second mix. Make sure the second mix completely covers the candy bars.
From there you bake the brownies for double the amount of time as you normally would. The final product needs to cool before cutting so the chocolate can re-solidify. It was absolutely delicious and I can't wait to try it with different types of candy bars.
You should try it too!

More to come tomorrow.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Lovely Weekend IN TOWN

This past weekend I did not have any plans. I was eager to be in town without anything to do. Friday afternoon I met up with Steph and Dave and took Dane for a few hours. We went to hang out with the Frosts and a storm moved in. This is that cute little dude watching the storm from the front porch.
Dane loves to be outside. We were hanging out inside on Friday night and he kept trying to go out. Below is a pic of him peeking out the door and Molly hoping she can sneak out too.
Trey is always a big help with his younger cousins. He was so sweet to help me bathe and dress Dane. He even had Dane stand up so he could clean him with the loofah. It was really the sweetest thing ever.

Saturday the weather was crappy and I watched some lacrosse. Sunday was beautiful once again! Tom and I planned to spend the day together to celebrate 2 years. We drove to Pere Marquette park in Illinois on Sunday am. We hiked on the beautiful trails there. It was a gorgeous there and so green. There was a snake on the trail which was the worst, but otherwise it was awesome.

Our normal weekly hike picture

When we drove back into Missouri we stopped at Crown Candy Kitchen for dessert. We each had a chocolate malt and needed a nap afterwards.
For the evening Tom planned for us to go bowling and to dinner at Qdoba. Our first "date" was lunch at Qdoba so that was pretty cute and thoughtful of him. Overall it was a great day.

One more weekend of lacrosse then I get to go back to having free weekends again. I. CANT. WAIT!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two Years!

Tom and I aren't big into anniversaries or celebrating events, but this week was our two year anniversary and the sweet dude got me these:
and a very nice card to go with them. Tulips are my favorite flower and these pink ones are just beautiful. It's been a fun couple years. I think we are both looking forward to many to come.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday Hike

This past weekend was crazy busy so we didn't get a hike in until Sunday night. We didn't have much time and weren't sure if it was going to storm so we went to Emmeneger Park in Kirkwood. It was a short easy hike, but it was one none the less. We enjoyed ourselves and this little respite just minutes from Tom's apartment.
This picture is looking into Fenton from the "bluff" at Emmeneger
Tom didn't like that he couldn't see my face so I had to turn my hat to the side.
That's a cute one ...ha

I got to see Leslie for a bit this weekend too.. that's always a treat.

Short post for a pretty blah weekend. I love my lax ladies but I will be excited when the season is over and I have my weekends back. Two weeks until conference in Georgia!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do yourself a favor...

Read this blog:

I've never met Boomama, but at some point I connected to her blog. AND GOT HOOKED! This random lady in Alabama is hilarious. Please read this particular post. I promise you I laughed out loud!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hiking Babler State Park

Last weekend Tom and I head out to Babler State Park in Wildwood to try on of the many trails. Five inches of snow had fallen on Saturday night so there was a beautiful fresh blanket of snow on everything. We bundled up and put on our good tracti
on boots. The park was empty so it was so quiet and nice to be out there. I took the picture below when I got out of the car and was eager to take more pictures along the trail.
However, we made it maybe two minutes up the trail when Tom stepped on a tree root and started to fall. It seemed to happen in slow motion as we both totally saw him going down. Unfortunately, he tried to brace himself and ended up dislocating his finger on a tree trunk. Itw as horrible to say the least. I did not see his dislocated finger because he snapped it back into place before I could see...ouch! Needless to say we don't have anymore pictures from that hike as we immediately turned around and went home.
This past Sunday we went back to Babler to try and conquer the trail. We hiked the Dogwood Trail. It was pretty easy, but it was also a beautiful little windy trail. It was a record 90 degree day so it was quite a difference from our hike last Sunday.
Above is a picture of Tom standing on the tree that took him down.
Check out his sweet finger brace :)
Tom and me on Dogwood Trail

One of many trees down along the trail. A tornado went through this area just weeks ago and there were many trees down all along the route.
We are hiking our way right through The 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of St. Louis and enjoying every minute of it!