Monday, November 17, 2014

Our Baby Boy's Nursery

 Tom and I had a lot of fun creating a little nursery space for James Tracy Mueth the second. We talked about a couple different themes and decided we wanted the nursery to be a space where JTM would be introduced to some of the things we love in life. We discussed travel and camping and settled on a nature/camping inspired nursery. We didn't focus too much on the theme but let that be the inspiration for the decorations that we chose. I love the space that we ended up with and already spend some time sitting in the glider. It really is such a relaxing space for me. Hope JTM2 loves it too!
I painted the side table and made the bunting flags, pillow covers and JTM decoration.
I love to craft and had a blast creating these additions for his room.
Tom made the book racks under the window

"Let him sleep for when he wakes he will move mountains"
I painted this for our little guy
I fell in love with this quilt on etsy. It became our color and concept inspiration for the whole nursery. 

we've never had closet doors on this closet so I taught myself to sew some curtains to finish off this space 
an adorable family friend painted this beautiful nature scene for Trace
Some of our favorite vacation/outdoor nature shots 
I love this saying coupled with a picture of  James Tracy the first and Tom.
I also love that I could paint the saying on a piece of stained wood we used for a sign at our wedding.

Three views of the little man space. We can't wait to have him here enjoying the nursery we created for him!

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