Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trace (22 months) Henry (3 months)

I don't want to forget a thing. These boys are pure joy. They bring a smile to my face each day and a light to our little home. It's so easy to forget and I don't want to. I am going to try to start blogging regularly on the little things my big bundles of joy are doing. I want to remember all the little things through more than just photographs. So here it is, a little documentation of Trace at 22 months and Henry at 3 months.

*Started Children's Day Out the first week in September. He cried every drop off and throughout the time there for the first month. However, he would talk about "school" as "teachers, kids" with a smirk on his face but he was still very apprehensive. Last week he went in with just a frown and now he is happy every day! We are so happy and so excited for him to have something he loves to go and do.

*After a slight rough patch in August Trace has been the best big brother. He talks to Henry, asks about him when he's sleeping and is generally so so sweet. We constantly talk about how lucky we are to have such a sweet boy to guide his little brother.

*He still loves to climb and jump and kick balls. Recently he is more into cars and trains and having so much fun finding different ramps and tracks to put them down.

*Trace loves music and has started singing full songs. It is the absolute most adorable thing to hear him sing in his bed at night.

*He is learning colors, shapes, counting and letters. He points them out pretty regularly and often gets them correct. Such a smart little guy.

*He now gets so so excited for daddy to come home at night. He always has big plans for him and asks for him to take him for a walk in his car or to the park to play. He has become great at telling us what he wants in big boy sentences.

*He is still a great sleeper. He either wakes up once or sleeps through the night. We have felt super fortunate with this.

*Naps are starting to come together but Henry is mostly a thirty minute cat napper. We don't mind it too much since we are constantly on the go with big brother.

*Smiles all day long! He is so so happy and just starting to giggle too!

*He started sitting in his exersaucer this week and seems to love to be able to be upright and look around.

*He loves to "talk" and  makes the sweetest eye contact and sounds when he is talked to.


shooting hoops with daddy
Pancreatic Cancer Walk Stride Purple 

Lone Elk with Mama

big love for lawnmowers