Tuesday, December 20, 2016

November Trace- 23 Months Henry- 4 Months

November 2016 was a month I was not sad to see go. Aside from an awesome family trip to Huzzah Valley in Steelville, MO our month was pretty much filled with sickness and lots of whining. The weather stayed warm, which was the treat that helped us get through. Here's how the month broke down for each of the boys. 

Trace: The month started with an ear infection. He had a slight fever and sleepless night which sent us to the doctor. He was prescribed amoxicillin and my biggest concern was that this was his second ear infection in two months. After he got on the medicine I told several people he was a different boy. He was defiant and whiny. I was at my wits end trying to keep him happy and listening all day. We went out of town for a few days and when we returned he spiked another fever and got a rash. After a visit to the doctor we determined he was actually allergic to the amoxicillin. We were told to treat him with motrin and benadryl and wait it out. Things got worse over the weekend so we paid a visit to the ER on Saturday night. With no more answers, a lot of vomit and an extremely high fever we were sent back home to continue benadryl and motrin. By Monday the rash was way worse, the fever was continuing to spike and my poor baby was unable to walk. I went back to the doctor one last time and found out he had Serum Sickness. Apparently it's very uncommon but made my sweet baby very very sick. In short he will never get amoxicillin ever again. 

Henry: After fighting a runny nose on and off all month Henry had some very labored breathing one day in late November. We took him to the doctor and had his breathing checked. Thankfully nothing super serious but likely just mild RSV and Bronchiolitis. 

As I said, November we were happy to see you go!