Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Too funny not to share!

So I don't often just share a story, but this is too good not to share. I hope you can chuckle at it a little bit without having been there. 

After seeing Slumdog Millionaire... pause: GREATEST MOVIE EVER! It is showing at Plaza Frontenac and is well worth the ridiculous $9 you spend to see a movie there.... okay, back to the story. After the movie I went by Amy and Darnel's to watch the end of the Mizzou game with them. My parents were over and the little ones were playing all kinds of silly games and showing off their Christmas toys. Delaney asked me to come into her room and check out her hermit crabs from nana. We looked in the cage at the hermit crabs complete with painted shells and Delaney let me know that mama said one of them was "D-E-A-D". Here's the conversation that continued: 

Me: So, do you pick them up. 
D: Yeah, I can pick them up (said as though it was nothing) 
Me: Show me. 
D: Which one you want me to pick up? 
Me: Hmmm... how about the red one? (the one that was not d-e-a-d) 
D: Okay. (She picks up the red one) Now hold your hand real flat, Aunt Katie, and I will put it on. 
Me: You hold it. 
D: No, you. Put your hand flat. (her speech is starting to speed up) 
Me: No, you do it Delaney. 

At this point the hermit crab has started to come out of it's shell. Delaney screams, Trey screams, I scream. The hermit crab drops to the ground, the kids fly up onto the bed, and I run out of the room cracking up. The MATURE adults are watching the game in the other room and Amy comes running absolutely horrified by sweet Delaney and Trey's petrified screaming from the other room. I'm not kidding people, you would have thought someone was dying. 

Funniest thing ever. 

Amy decides to tell me, after the fact, that every night they have to take the hermit crabs out of Delaney's room because she is afraid they are going to get out of their cage and get her in the middle of the night. The kid didn't even tell me she was scared of them. AND she was going to play it totally cool, but her cover was blown.  

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas at 912

Here are a few of my favorite pics from Christmas at my parent's house. It is always such a great couple days. My mom does holidays VERY well and makes them special for all. This year was no exception. Plus, it is always fun to have kids in the mix for the Christmas season. 
I mean call me weird, but these are the cutest little undergarments in the world. Plus, look at that little face. He loved his Christmas movie too much to stop it to get dressed. 
The whole crew on the stairs. Kids, their spouses, and the three grandkids. We may need to find a new photo spot (or buy a bigger house) soon. 
We have been taking this picture in age order on the stairs since forever. When we were little we used to walk down and take this picture, then walk back upstairs and run down for the video camera... yep. The running one would usually include us taking each other out with flailing arms. Ps... where's Trey? The kid refused to leave the picture. 
Watching Thomas on my laptop before gifts. 
I couldn't help but include this pic...are you kidding me? 

Saturday, December 27, 2008

One of my 16...

One of my 16 Random Things in a previous post was about how much I loved high school. I would go back in a heartbeat. The other day I realized that some of my high school friends would be in town for Christmas break. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have the girls over to my apartment. Below are some of the pictures we snapped during our evening together. I was close to all of these girls during sometime in middle and high school. It was so fun to get together and hang out. What a great addition to the holiday season! 
The group 
Just for the record: Me, Lizzie (in StL with me: now married... Lizzie Slais), MVG (Arizona), Cara (California), KTM (Philly), Jamie (NYC). I think it is so cool to see where we all are. 
Lizzie took this one... not sure when Jamie and Katie started looking so much alike. 
Cara, MVG, and KTM 

 It seriously was SO good to see all of them. For some it's been more than a year. 
Sidenote: My sister started asking me what everyone was doing and I couldn't even tell her. We were all such good friends at different points that it doesn't feel right to play the, "So what are you doing now" game that everyone plays at Thanksgiving "reunion". We just hung out like just yesterday we were chatting in the senior hallway. It was wonderful! 

Thanks for coming over ladies!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Some things NEVER change...

You may recall a blog posting from a month ago: The date was November 28th and the Rau girls were enjoying their annual Black Friday shopping trip. A couple specific Raus struggled to stay awake. I documented it for those in the blog world to enjoy. 
Steffie crashed right before lunch after talking some crazy jibberish in Kirklands Home. 
Mom "resting her eyes"

Fast forward a month:
Today we rose early (but not quite AS early) and headed out for post Christmas savings. Some of the Rau girls struggled.. yet again. 
Fee fee yet again losing the battle to try and stay awake.  
Sharon lost the battle as well. 
Sharon sleeping again. This may be shortly before or after she started mumbling like a drunk about "...the man on the news talking about football scores". She swore she was simply answering a question I asked. 

Today was, as always, a fun and successful shopping day. We had many, many laughs, as always, and ate far more than necessary to survive. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular

Sunday we enjoyed a girl's night at The Fox. There are few things I enjoy more than The Fox at Christmastime. For some reason, I also especially love the Rockettes. It was a delightful evening. We started with Taco Night at my house with Darnel, Dad, and Trey present. Then, my dad, who's an absolute gem, drove us down and dropped us off at the door since the wind chill was below zero. It was a perfect evening with a group of ladies I sincerely enjoy being around. 
The girls at my house... notice the darling Christmas tree... Ha

They love each other really
The group in the lobby... please notice Delaney's purse. Mel and Liz should especially love this since they are constantly telling me I need to carry a purse. Delaney is 6 and I am 25... just for the record. 
In order: Mom, Amy, Kara, Taylor, Delaney, and me. 

Saturday, December 20, 2008

"I met a guy in Paris and we are getting married!"

Every time I think about my brother getting married I think of this scene from Father of the Bride when Steve Martin is picturing his grown daughter as a little girl announcing her engagement. T.J. may be 18 months older than me, but it is still hard to picture him as a grown up. I am sure it is even harder for him to picture me as anything but his kid sister. Anyway, he is grown, and not only that, but he found a lovely girl who wants to grow old with him. I am proud of him. And everyone I see who knows T.J. I tell them, "He's getting married in May" regardless of whether they ask about him or not. Just last night I saw our elementary school counselor and let her know :) 

I thought everyone in the blog world should know... and take a look at their darling engagement photos. http://pictage.com/580442 My brother who beat me up, once threw a football at my face at a one foot range, used to dress me in hockey goalie gear and shoot pucks at me, woke me up in the middle of the night to make him grilled cheeses because, "You make them the best, Kate", almost came down to college to kill me when I took too much leftover frost on the pumpkin pie, chased me down the street, pulled my hair, locked me out, stole all my lemonade stand money, and usually used me as a scapegoat... he's getting married, and I even though I remember all the crazy things he's done I must have dropped the grudge, because I think he is going to make a great husband. Ashley Smith, you are a lucky girl! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

16 Random Things...

I did this on facebook and quite enjoyed coming up with random facts while I was bored at work...I figured those in the blogging world might enjoy it as well.

1. I need a schedule. Like require a schedule. I go crazy when I don't have an hour by hour plan for my day. However, I also hate to be busy.

2. I can't stand missing church on Sunday. Sometimes I am there completely zoned out thinking about one hundred other things, but at least I am there. If I am not at church on Sunday the rest of the week seems totally out of whack.

3. I LOVE the holidays. There are quirky little things that tell me it is the holiday season and I am obsessed with them. One of those things is red cups at Starbucks. Another is the headlights on cars... don't ask, most people don't get it.

4. I constantly struggle with where I should be going to church. I can't get myself to leave Greentree but often think that isn't where the Lord has me anymore.

5. I love sectional couches. There is nothing better than the corner of a sectional with a blanket and a good book or movie.

6. Every week I watch Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I sob during both of them. I can't decide if that's weird or just theurapeutic.

7. I can't see a picture of an orphan or vulnerable child and not cry. I love orphans. It seems a little odd, but I really do. I tell people that I will put in for an adoption if I am not married by the time I am thirty... I am actually pretty serious about that.

8. I constantly search plane tickets and price trips online. I love to travel and find no problems with spending all my money on it.

9. I have finally given up on the fantasy of living elsewhere. I love Kirkwood and St. Louis. I think it was more a fantasy to find something I love and I think I've found that.

10. I have to work out every day... my day doesn't seem complete without it. Sometimes I don't even care if I sweat or burn calories...I just have to complete my day with my workout.

11. My favorite movie in the world is Home Alone. I could watch it everyday and never get bored.

12. I am a pretty healthy eater, but all my favorite foods are really bad for you. Crab rangoon, sweet potato french fries, ice cream, pizza.... yep!

13. Two of my sisters are pregnant and I secretly (guess not so secretly now) wish I was married so I could get pregnant with them.

14. If I could go back to any time in my life it would be high school. I have nothing but amazing memories.

15. I have become amazingly more fond of my family in the last year. I couldn't imagine moving away from them now.

16. I can't stand being inside on a nice day... it's like torture to me.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cookie Day

This past Saturday was cookie day with my friends. As expected, one of my recipes was a flop, but it was fun to get together and bake anyway, way too many sweets. 
Please notice the cookies still on the aluminum foil. Those are mine. They are only on there because we were not able to cut them... hence the flop. 
Some of the bakers... and Lizzie's dog, Stewie. 
Leslie came with me for a  bit. She is getting so cute with her little pregnant belly. I am seriously this excited for little JD to enter the world and Leslie to be a darling little mom. 
college roommates... you wouldn't believe some of the stories I have with this girl 
Lizzie and Leslie ... I am pretty sure Leslie is eating and Lizzie is taking cookies off the pan. 

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's a tough job, but someone has to do it!

It came in the mail this week. Before lunch today I took some tape, made sure it was real even, and slapped it to the door. Before I walked out, I looked at Nick and said, "Let's not be ghetto. I would love those tiny little screws to be in this when I get back. K?" And when I returned?.........

Wait for it..... 

It's official. The name's on the door. I may have been showing up to MoBap every day since August 1st, but now it's the real deal. Here's a little run down of my "real deal" job... at least on the eleventh day of December, 2008. 

7:55 Taylor doesn't want to ride the bus, so I pick her up and take her to school. 
9:00 Arrive to work after a Starbucks visit and another visit to the Frost house. 
9:00 -11:00 5 v 5 indoor soccer game with a group of coaches -ridiculous amounts of fun, but a little intense for my liking
11:00 -11:30 Check some emails and struggle with technology 
11:30 - 1:15 Lunch with a friend at Red Lobster 
1:30 - 3:00 Eat cookies, look at a co-worker's engagement ring, and plan the spring trip
3:00 Done!  

That's it and that's all. It's a great job.  I love my job. I love the staff I work with. I have never had a day when I woke up and wished I didn't have to go to work. It's a great life. 

And no the B.S. does not stand for bulls**t (mom)... this is the real deal peeps! 

Monday, December 8, 2008

Some added joy while I do my chores!

Monday nights I watch Gossip Girl. It's just what I do. It's trash, but I can't help but get drawn into the lives of B, S, and the rest of the crew (if you want to borrow season 1 I have it)! 

Tonight I put off my work out to Christmas shop with Liz, so at 7:00 when I got home I had no choice. I decided to do laundry while I worked out at my sister's house. When I got there Lou Lou was working on homework and Trey was watching tv. I swore I would be home by 8:00, but those little cuties sucked me in. Lou and I worked on a word search while Trey cuddled up in my lap spontaneously giving my hand sweet little kisses. 
Check out this cuteness! Please don't miss the Kirkwood Basketball jersey post practice. 
My favs... (Taylor was at dance) 

I bring up the Gossip Girl because when I got home to decorate my tree and enjoy tonight's episode it hadn't taped... no good. SO, I have to wait. I love Gossip Girl, but I don't regret it for a second. I love any time I get with these sweet little ones. 

Friday, December 5, 2008

It's been a heck of a week!

Last weekend was incredible. I hung out my favorite people for the entire break. Most of it was spent with my sisters, mom, and friends from high school. (don't worry other favs... I did miss you). However, Sunday morning I woke up with a bad headache. Apparently this girl has an aversion to wine that I am not willing to admit. 1 glass or 5, I always wake up with a headache. I drudgingly got out of bed telling myself the whole time that I would not and could not miss church for a wine headache. But after church life did not get better, so I got a Redbox movie and headed home. The dreary Sunday was spent on the couch watching movies and tivoed shows. I don't watch very much tv except for my weekly Gossip Girl, Biggest Loser, and Extreme Home Makeover, but on this particular day I felt awful. Sweet Abby came over in the evening with Starbucks and stayed until dinner when she prepared me soup and grilled cheese. So, I went to bed Sunday night after 12 hours on the couch. Monday I woke up and drug myself to work. I was okay, but CRASHED again Monday night. Huge fever, headache, earache, and I felt like I was swallowing knives. This time Susie stopped by with Starbucks... and made me food! (see a theme?) It sort of revived me and I went to sleep after Gossip Girl. Tuesday and Wednesday continued much the same with me denying that I was feeling terrible. But by Wednesday night there was no denying it. After my date (see previous post) I looked into the mirror to find white pockets in the back of my throat... hmm... guess that's why I had all the symptoms for strep. So, yesterday I went to the doc and got the medicine. I am now in a love affair with amoxicillin because I feel GREAT this morning. Sorry for all the dets. This girl never gets REAL sick, so I was pretty sure I was dying. I sure did shine a light in my mouth and take this picture...haha... it may be kinda hard to see the white gunk in the back. There was definitely more than what is pictured.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I had a date!

Tonight I had a date with one of my favorite little guys. It was absolutely wonderful! He is always an absolute gentleman. I picked him up at 6:45 and he immediately stopped his show with no complaining. On the way to our first stop I said, "Hey, thanks for coming with me". To which he responded, "I love to be with you!" NO JOKE! How could you not just adore him?
Our first stop was Starbucks for some festive hot chocolates. It was snowing outside and this was a perfect addition. The kiddie hot chocolate is only $1.10... cheap date! 
Then we went to MoBap guys basketball game. Don't be fooled by this pic... he isn't smiling at the game, he is flirting with his girlfriend, Chrissy, who happened to show up as well. 
Please note: he is on the court in this picture. He didn't watch a second... he played and flirted throughout the entire game. This is him standing on the court from which he would run full speed and jump into the stands! Good thing play is at the other end. 
When we went back to get his coat he requested to use my computer. My "date" wanted to bring a note home to his mom and dad! So, since he wouldn't take no for an answer we typed a letter and printed it out. What did it say? "Mommy and daddy forever. Love Trey"
As I assured Chrissy he would be, Trey was out before we got home... only moments after requesting I play Christmas music. Note the Starburst he asked Chrissy to buy him. 

When we were leaving the game Chrissy's real boyfriend said, "Merry Christmas, Trey" 
With no prep he said back, "Merry Christmas to you too!"

What a stinkin gentleman...the perfect date! 

Side note: When I got home from my date I looked in my throat with a flashlight to notice many a patches of white crap.... hope my date doesn't get strep.