Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dane's Second Birthday Party

Saturday we headed to Ste. Genevieve for Dane's second birthday party. It was mainly family gathering to celebrate the little guy. All the little kids were around so the cousin fun was in full force. I had a blast watching the kids and taking pictures of them throughout the day. Dane was so cute as the little man of the day.
Delaney and Dane watching Joe roll over
Delaney put Joe on all of Dane's favorite toys.

Joe on the sit and spin
Delaney is the best little baby sitter
Joe as a little fireman
Joe riding the zebra
Trey and Delaney in Dane's football tent
Dane in his football tent
Dane, the future quarterback
Since the beginning of July Dane has been telling us he is going to turn two and asking us to "sing happy". We finally put a cake in front of him and sang and he seemed totally unamused. He did try to blow out his candles.
Dane opened his gifts. He would open a gift and then stare at it and try to get it opened each time (except for with my clothes). I think it was hard for him to open the next gift without playing with each toy.

Dane got a cool wooden airplane from his grandpa
And Joe just wanted the handle in his mouth
Dane also got a John Deere tractor and loved that.
I think the little guy had a great birthday. He loved playing with his cousins and got a ton of new toys.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dane's Second Birthday Festivities

Unfortunately these photos are terribly out of order and I don't know how to fix it! I was so excited to spend a good deal of my little man and Godson's birthday with him. He was anticipating it for the whole month by constantly asking us to "Sing Happy" to him. What a sweet guy. We woke up early and went to the Zoo. He is talking so much so it was so fun to spend that time with him getting so excited about all of the animals.

After a great zoo trip and a nap we went to the Magic House for the evening. My work had the place rented out so I invited all the kiddos. Everyone was able to come except for Joe and they had a blast playing together. By the end of the evening Dane was pooped, but he undoubtedly had a wonderful day.
Claire playing Dr. at the Magic House
Trey and Delaney climbing the beanstalk
Dane in Caterpillar ...not loving it.
Delaney and Claire in the Caterpillar
One of the original Magic House exhibits...Goodnight Moon
Dane was not wanting a picture with Aunt Katie at the end of it all
Dane had a great time with his Papa at the zoo. They both loved laughing at the penguins.
The penguins would zip by and Dane and papa would point as they went.
He even liked getting splashed by them.
Riding the carousel
Petting the stingrays. His arm was too short to ever actually make contact.
Petting the goats
The hippo.
My dad really wanted me to sit in the hippo for a picture, but I was having none of that.
He even got to play in the sprinklers.
But was so confused when they turned off.
He would watch and then run to them as they sprung back up..of course giggling.
He could not get enough of this jeep. He kept saying "Jeep Mommy, Jeep"
My dad did talk me into a picture of the frogs.
The TWO year old
Making a wish in the fountain
He LOVED riding on the train with his Papa
Back to a few Magic House pics:
Claire setting the table for tea

Fearless, walking the balance beam
Claire pumps the gas
Dane really needed those crescent rolls, so he climbed up into the fridge.
playing cashier
Trey playing Doc
All in all an incredible day! I know Dane loved it. I am so glad I was able to spend so much of his second birthday with him and some of my other favorite people!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lake of the Ozarks Girls Trip

This sweet man turned Two Today!
That picture and the one below were taken on a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks shortly after Dane was born. I drove down with Stephanie and we spent the day with Tammy. We shopped, ate lunch and loved on the new little guy. He was just so scrawny and so so sweet. Below is a picture of Stephanie, me, and Tammy at the restaurant we went to for lunch.
Here is Dane at this same restaurant last weekend. We went down to see Tammy and her little guy for a couple days. We did the same thing: shopped, ate and played with the little guys. Dane was much more active this time around. It was SO hot outside but he loved feeding the fish and the ducks which made the sweaty lunch worth it. Just look at him above and then check out the pictures below!
He kept throwing his waffle fries over the deck to the fish and ducks and would run away laughing and yelling, "Duck got it!" So darn cute.
Sometimes the food would hit the banister and come flying back at him. He would look totally confused then attempt a second toss.
We decided to try and take the same picture of baby Joe. Check out that little sisters make cute babies.
Me and Joe at lunch.

Joe's beautiful blue eyes
Before we left I tried a little photo shoot with Joe.
Below is the madness that ensued.

What a fun trip with some very sweet baby boys, my mom, and my sisters. Looking forward to the next one... possibly with Stephanie's new little baby man.