Monday, May 18, 2009

TJ Got Married!

Although my older brother is 27, it is still a bit difficult for me to picture him married. But right now he is living it up in Cancun while the rest of us are reeling from a wedding weekend. It was an absolute blast. TJ was quite the mature man, Ashley looked beautiful, and the rain predictions ended up being a flop. Overall, it was a great weekend filled with friends, family, and fun. I can't believe you are married, Teej. I am proud of you, bro. 
Me with my little man on the "frolley"
He's quite the dancer... who knew
Me and Tom
My sweet baby Claire
the adorable bridesmaids
Ashley and TJ
ring bearer and flower girl

Friday, May 15, 2009

He's actually getting married!

Okay... so these pictures are hard to see unless you click on them... (apparently I don't know how to scan and upload). BUT, it's worth it. Click on the pics and take a look at how great of friends we were when we were little. TJ and I were the best of buds and now it's his wedding weekend.... so strange. 

More to come, but the weekend is here!

You may remember this post from a while back.

Well, TJ is getting married this weekend and we are very, very excited. Today we have pedicures and lunch with the Rau girls, and rehearsal dinner. Tomorrow we are getting ready all day. The wedding is at 4:00 and reception at 7:00. Should be a blast! Look for pics on Sunday. 

TJ and Ash: Hope it's all you imagined and more!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Camping at Bennett Springs

I can finally update my blog. Not really in a mood to write much, but below are some pictures from the adventures with Lizzie, Tom, Melissa, and Lizzie's dad's friends. Quite a group. 

Lizzie and Tom in the cave
Tom, Liz, Mel, and me at the lunch spot
The "adults"
In the cave
One of many water crossings

Liz and Tom heading to the hike

Friday, May 8, 2009

Working on it

Sorry for, yet another, blogging sabbatical. I went on a really great camping trip last weekend and although I would love to share all the dets with everyone I am having quite the problems with my camera battery. I know... be back soon.