Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Five Month Old is My Best Friend - Don't Judge

It seriously gets more fun every single day. Trace is getting more chubby, smiley, interactive and fun every day. He can do more and is constantly showing us more of his personality. We have had a blast the last month as the weather has been nicer and we have had the opportunity to get outside and play. Below are some of the highlights from the last month with our five month old. 

I got him to hold his own bottle!
Happy Hour is a favorite family past time 
The manager at our favorite Happy Hour spot took Trace for a trip around the restaurant with her
National Pretzel Day at Pretzel Boys
Still a swaddle baby but working hard to break free

morning cuddles are the best now!
Moved up to the big bath tub and LOVES to lounge
our first mother's day together

morning at Forest Park 

we started cereal! He absolutely loves it and eats an astonishing amount 

baby swap. the two youngest boys
With Trace and his best buddy

High School Friends and our boys

RJ came to visit and Trace loved him so much

like father like son. watching tv at Happy Hour

People let me tell you bout my best friend. 
Loving him some Aunt Heather

the crossed favorite


On the patio with a drink...Trace is in bed for the night. Sweet Summertime

Baby Bjorn is our new favorite

We got to visit with Sweet Annie for a bit

The sleep progression was a big deal for us this month. Trace is a swaddle free baby now and we love it. It happened very quickly, thank goodness. Now he sleeps in just pjs or even just a diaper sometimes during his nap. 

yummy. avoacado

using his new high chair! 

We couldn't adore our happy and healthy 5 month old any more. I can't believe it's almost been half a year. Time sure does fly.