Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A day at the lake

Steph, Baby Dane, and I headed to the lake this past weekend to visit Tammy. We didn't actually see much of the lake, but we did see a lot of the outlet mall. I was able to snag some sweet deals on clothes for work. Although today an article popped up on msn claiming outlet malls aren't as good of a deal as consumers believe I still stand by the theory that driving five miles (roundtrip) to shop makes perfect sense. That is, shop AND see the sis. We had a blast and enjoyed a nice lunch on the lake before we returned to STL. Baby Dane was a gem all day... that little cutie.

Steph, Tam, Dane, and I at the lake
Steph and her little man
go ahead, eat him right up
Tammy and I with the little man

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Tammy said...

Yay...what a fun day...although that last pic of me not so good. Hey, it's only 320 miles round trip. I figure as long as you saved $20 (your half of gas) then it's a win!! I loved having you guys down.