Monday, March 29, 2010

Just one of those things

Although I am not a parent I have learned a lot from watching my sisters raise their darling little ones. One thing I've noticed is that kids tend to love the simple things. My sister and her husband are currently remodeling their bathroom and, therefore, have boxes laying around the house. My sister spent a good deal of money taking the kids to a special lunch and play day out on Friday of spring break. She said the kids had an absolute blast. When I saw Trey that night I asked him what he liked about the day assuming he would tell me all about the lunch and bumper cars. Instead he said, "Aunt Katie, we made a house!" They spent tons of money on lunch and games and his favorite part was the cardboard box! Of course! Typical.
I had to go over that night to see his darling creation.

Aren't they the sweetest? They allowed me to sit inside their little home :)

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Heather Verweyst said...

love it! hahahahaahahhaahhaahahahahah