Monday, March 7, 2011


Tom and I recently bought a book call "60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of St. Louis". Instead of complaining about the lack of hiking available in our metropolitan area, we decided to see what is out there. The book is awesome and has made for a very fun weekend tradition for us. So far we have gone out three times and not once has the weather been ideal. It has still been a blast. I am definitely looking forward to the day we go hiking and actually sweat with just shorts and a t shirt on!

Last Saturday was our first hike. We quickly realized how important it is to read the whole listing as we drove to a trailhead in Eureka and walked on a flat trail. We were so bored and upon further reading realized that the good part was all the way down the trail in wildwood/Chesterfield. We got back in the car and headed to a hidden little gem off Kiefer Creek Rd. The hike was pretty and difficult at times. I can't imagine how different it looks with leaves on the trees.
Tom and me on the trail
Typical Tom and me on the trail
Just posing up in some trees
I wish this dang picture wasn't turned...he's jumping off the log...

Me jumping off the log
I should have put a size comparison cause this leaf was huge!

This past Sunday we headed to a trail out in Eureka by Six Flags. It was easy to get to. The actual trail was 3.5 miles out and back and VERY hilly. We enjoyed it despite the mud. It was actually a pretty darn good workout and we only saw one other person the whole time.
This is as pretty as it gets before everything starts to grow back.
A little rest at the turn around point

I am eager to continue using this book and discovering more hikes this spring and summer. It has definitely been a highlight of my weeks thus far!

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