Sunday, April 8, 2012

Open House

Today is one month since we closed on our first home! I would be lying if I said it hasn't been just a bit chaotic :) We closed March 8th and after a day of painting I left town on March 9th. The following week our floors were refinished, a mantle and shelves were built, and Tom and company continued to paint. I was very anxious to return home on March 16th and check out all the progress. It looked incredible. March 17th we moved everything in finishing just minutes before a huge storm hit. Since that day we have been busy painting, installing cabinets, decorating, buying more furniture and trying to get the yard in order. We planned for a May open house but decided at the last minute that we would have people over this weekend instead. House photos will be on the next entry. For now, here are some pictures of family and friends gathered for an absolutely perfect evening at our new home.

Tom and I - first mantle pic before guests arrived

A little spread of food including a "M" pretzel from the pretzel shop on the corner
and cookies from the bakery. Our local favorites :)
Gathered in the sunny dining area
The kids had so much fun running around and playing in the back yard
Joe sang and walked around the deck...
much safer than the 20 times he almost walked OFF the deck

sisters (an in laws), mom (and in law) SO FUN!
A good night for kids ends in the bath tub!
We had such a wonderful time having our family and friends over. We cannot wait for many more gatherings.

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