Sunday, June 24, 2012

A midsummer Getaway

This spring Tom and I often talked about how much we were looking forward to the free time we would have this summer. Well, June has come and has almost gone without much free time to be had! This weekend we had about 24 free hours and decided it would be best to get out of town for a bit. 

We left after a party on Saturday afternoon and drove to Hawn State Park in Ste. Gen. We did this same trip in October and were excited to see it in a different season. We had a lovely time. 

One of the pretty views 
Tom with his backpack loaded down 

Tom walking down the trail with tall pines all around

the campsite 
we saw a little friend in the woods this am
Still smiling 

last pic on the trail
Although it was really hot we had a great time. We were very happy to get to the car and head to the brewery for some lunch and a beer though. Such a fun getaway.

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