Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend Fun

Our holiday weekend could not have been any better. From the absolutely unbelievable weather to the tasty food to the best family and friends around we had a weekend for the books. We started the Fourth of July very low key. We slept in, exercised, ate breakfast and watched world cup soccer. We didn't venture out to the Fourth of July parade but enjoyed time at home relaxing. After the soccer game it was over to my mom's house where we had delicious bbq before heading up to the park for music and fireworks.

This is not even half of the amazing spread of delicious food!

I had fun making festive desserts. 
chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches
American flag brownies
The weather was so perfect so we enjoyed most of the day outdoors.
my mom and some of her little loves
the boys love each other and LOVE to play together

At the park we set up our chairs to chat and listen to the band. It was a very nice family time. Tom and I attempted some photos but he wasn't too cooperative...shocking, right?!

Tom...always the comedian
Tom...doing his best Weekend at Bernie's impression
With enough persistence and whining I got a good picture
Tom has been having a blast with his new GoPro. Below are pictures and video he snapped of the crew and the park. 

fleece jackets at Fourth of July in St. Louis...what?

Saturday morning we woke up early to head out for a night of camping at our friend's property. We arrived around 10 am and were ready to hang out and party for the day. Although we barely got in the water and never got any sunshine we had a great time with some of our second family. Tom even got the opportunity to drive the tractor for his first time. AGAIN...he's always a compliant photo subject.

I was always too chilly to get into the water but Tom and Paul had a good time. 

Great holiday weekend filled with family and friends. We are feeling truly happy and blessed and SHOCKED the Fourth of July has already come and gone. How is this summer going so dang quickly?

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