Sunday, December 18, 2016

Halloween and General Fall Fun!

Fall is officially my favorite time of year with my babies. We had so much fun visiting pumpkin patches, playing in the leaves, eating fall festive foods and taking a lot of walks. I couldn't have had more fun through the months of September and October. The boys were Max and a wild thing for Halloween. I was obsessed with their costumes and hoping maybe I have one more year to dress them in sync. Here's a little update on each boy. 

Trace: He's talking up a storm. He repeats everything I say and comes up with his own hilarious things to say as well. He loved his Halloween costume and got into the Halloween spirit so quickly. He had never really had candy before but had no problem telling everyone "Trick or Treat" and talking about getting "lots of candy". He walked all over on Halloween night then told us "Trace ride in daddy's car. go home. go night night". He had enough! 

Henry: He's an absolute joy. He has started going to Children's Day Out one day a week and they say he is an absolute angel. He went through a little patch of rejecting his bottle. It had me totally freaked but he got back to taking it so "phew!" He loves to lay on a blanket in the park and watch the leaves blow. He also enjoys runs in his stroller with mommy and is always eager to be along for the ride. He mostly sleeps through the night and makes the transition to two very very easy! 

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