Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Girls' Weekend!

What was supposed to be a girls' weekend away ended up being a less than 24 hours away, but it was great regardless. My friend, Lara, got together a few of her good friends and we headed to her uncle's "farm" for the weekend. Since there was snow on the ground I was wondering if it was worth it as no swimming or hiking would be had, but decided getting away was worth it regardless. I was right, it was a blast. All we did was eat, drink, play games, and chat. But good food, fun, friends, and conversation left as all eager for the next trip... maybe next time we will leave the house for more than five minutes.
Walking to the house from our stuck car
A little pushing was necessary as the farm got way more snow than St. Louis did
a little towing with other vehicles was also necessary
Diana, me, Claire, Aven, and Lara- the whole crew
breakfast... for some reason this meal was soo soo difficult for us to figure out,
but it ended up being delicious
The view from the house

Our five minutes outdoors
Don't know how to turn this pic
Wine, games, and photos- good times

It was a great, great weekend and I can't wait to go back. Thanks, Lar!

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