Monday, June 28, 2010


Heather gave Tom and I a good reason to take a little vacation this summer. We booked a little place in Vilano Beach for her wedding weekend in St. Augustine. There are tons of pictures on this entry, but it was just too beautiful not to include all of them!
Our first view of the beach--- amazingly we are both still smiling after 15 hours in the car together!
Day 1 on the beach- Tom isn't sunburnt...yet!

Day 2 on the beach- A little color but it's just the beginning of the day
His and hers beach towels, lax sticks, and a cooler radio make for a good beach day
Our little crab friend that hung out on the beach next to us

Lesley, Heather, and I
high school friends at the welcoming dinner
Me and Tom at the rehearsal dinner
Me and the bride at the welcoming dinner
The girls
Tom and his new bff

Tom was sweet to walk Katrina to the car at the end of the night
The beautiful bride
At the wedding
Miles looking at his daddy tearing up over the beauty of the bride
Heather was beaming ALL night- I've never seen that girl so happy
Heather's turn to tear up
Katrina looked beautiful
Heather and Dave enjoying a laugh as Miles pretends to have lost the rings
Enjoying another laugh as Dave stops at the word "richer" and mumbles "for poorer" during the vows
the beautiful sand ceremony with the whole family

The Adorable new Baker family
The Baker Family with the Verweyst parents
the beautiful cake

I wish I had more pictures from the end of the night. It was such a special reception with so many sweet memories. I've never seen Heather happier... it was absolutely beautiful. A perfect, fairy tale wedding!

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