Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Utah- Day 1

Megan and Nate both took a few days off work so we could head to Utah for a camping trip. We drove up through Page and past Lake Powell.
Nate was an amazing tour guide and a very patient guy spending three days with just two giggly chicks. He was even complimentary of us when it was all over!
We drove down this road called Cottonwood Wash. It was 46 mile dirt road with slot canyons throughout. We drove a bit and hiked a bit. We just car camped instead of backpacked in order to see more things! A beautiful field of sunflowers
The Road- Cottonwood Wash
The side of the canyon
Various colors of rock in the canyon
Nate and Megan hiking
The light outside of the dark canyon

Megan, Nate, and Mesa- such a cute crew
Orange wildflowers!
These are just views from day 1! So many pretty things to see.

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