Friday, June 3, 2011

Engagement Moon Day Numero Uno

Yesterday our plan was to bike Vail Pass. We had been calling all week to check and see if the pass was open since there was an avalanche that had covered it at the end of last week. On Monday they said it may possibly be open Thursday. We crossed our fingers and waited. When we called yesterday morning the pass still wasn't open. We were bummed. We had bought a groupon so we decided we would go and just bike around Lake Dillon or something. Before we went I told Tom I wanted to take him up to the Continental Divide. It is pretty close to where we are staying so we drove up and Tom was amazed. He loved it. We looked around for a minute and decided we would hike it the next day instead of going to Vail. We started to drive to the bike rental place and just before we pulled up I had a grand idea that we cancel the bike ride all together and go hike the Continental Divide. Tom was in. So, we turned around once again, stopped at the condo for lunch and appropriate hiking gear and headed to the Divide.

We knew it would be windy, but my goodness. I have hiked a number of mountains in my day and never have I experienced wind like this. Hopefully you can tell in the pictures. It was brutal. BUT SO beautiful. We did as much as we could, captured some shots, added it to our list of failed hike attempts and went back to the condo.

Tom in all his Sierra Designs gear.
A little FYI: He works for that company and wanted a picture for them.
I love the man, but he is struggling a bit here against the crazy winds

I insisted on some photos, but it was impossible to get a really good one!
This picture is no exaggeration. We were quite wind blown.

After a bit of hiking we would hunker down behind rocks (or me behind Tom) for some respite from the wind. It was truly an exhausting fight we weren't going to win.
The sign at the base of the hike

After a bit of hike recovery we went to Dillon Dam Brewery for Happy Hour and dinner. It looks like a totally different day in the picture below compared to the ones was just hours later! Crazy mountains.

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