Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last Day in CO

I may or may not have delayed putting up this post because it would bump our engagement post of the main page off my blog :) However, it has now been a few weeks since we got engaged and it is time to move on. The end of the Colorado trip was incredible. I often look at Tom and say, "Let's go back to Colorado". Definitely one of my best trips ever.

On Friday we drove to Vail to enjoy some of the Teva Mountain games. It was a beautiful day and we watched some fearless men do flips on bikes. Pretty ridiculous. I felt pretty sick all day so that was a bit unfortunate.
Just in case you can't tell, that dude is completely upside down on his bike...crazy.

After Vail, we drove to our hotel in Denver and checked in. I took a hot bath in an attempt to recover from my nagging stomach pains. Eventually, I felt a little better and got ready for the concert. Red Rocks was unreal. Coolest concert venue ever. Dispatch was AWESOME. Tom was a good sport.
Apparently we were not hip to the fact that you don't get to the show an hour ahead of time...

If you look below you can see Denver in the awesome
The music just ricochets off these rocks that are lit up throughout the show. It was unlike any concert or venue I have ever been to for a show. I loved every second of it.
And then we came home :( Paul joined us for the ride, so that was fun. Now we can't wait to go back.

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