Sunday, August 5, 2012

Date Day

Midweek Tom and I were debating a backpacking trip in Saint Francois State Park. As the temperatures continued to soar and the mugginess never subsided we decided we would rather stay in town. It was a great decision as we thoroughly enjoyed our whole weekend. Saturday we decided we would do a date day. It was an absolute blast. 

Tom has never been up in the arch so I decided we had to go. When I woke up to thunderstorms on Saturday am I was so upset. I just knew we wouldn't be able to see a thing. When we got down there the rain had subsided but the skies were cloudy. By the time we got up 630 feet it was a beautiful view. 

Standing directly under the arch 

Looking west from the arch windows

the view into the new stadium 
Old Courthouse and baseball stadium
Tom gets a look out the window
The two of us afterwards
 After the arch we went by Lafayette Park to check out a spot where I hope to take some wedding photos. It was absolutely gorgeous. From this spot we headed to Pho Grand for a delicious Vietnamese lunch.

 Tom planned part of our date day as well. We went ice skating... in August! So fun! We were the only ones with shorts on and Tom wore short sleeves too! It was chilly but so so fun. I had an absolute blast.

What a great day. Field hockey starts tomorrow and the last game is two days before the wedding! See you October 13, Tom :) 

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