Monday, October 22, 2012

Mueth's Mumblings edition 1: Wedding Week

The last week and a half has absolutely been the best time of my life. We have had so much fun with each other as well as family and friends. I will post multiple times with some of the wedding festivities that occurred. 

Thursday night Tom and I enjoyed a pre wedding date night at The Block in Webster 
It was delicious food and a fun atmosphere as well as a great opportunity to simply enjoy some time together before the crazy began! 
me at The Block

My matron of honor,  Heather,  was training for a half marathon during wedding time so on Friday am we woke up and ran 7 miles together. It was a great way to start the weekend and decompress.
before our run

After our run the events began! We started the day with the "Rau day-before-wedding traditional lunch" at the Women's Exchange. It was so fun and delicious. As the youngest of six it was great to have my sisters, mom and sister in law as part of my day before festivities. Bridesmaids were still arriving so the seven of us just enjoyed a family day women's day as my lovely fiance worked at the wedding tent. 
Lunch at the Women's Exchange
sisters and mom at the Women's Exchange 

After lunch we went to get our nails done. It was a fun time to relax and get pretty :)

Finally, it was time for the actual events to start. It was a gorgeous chilly fall evening for the rehearsal dinner in the park behind our house. It was laid back and so much fun. We had 13 kids there so they loved to run and play on the playground. We had QDoba cater since that was where we went on our first date. It was such a fun night capped off with a BIG and exciting Cardinals' win. 
the bridesmaids at the rehearsal
Tommy and me at the rehearsal 

I was so excited to give this gift... had a blast gathering up my favorite things! 

Lara made awesome buttons with a picture of Tom and me on them. So fun! 

The wedding party 

Annie stopped by which was SO fun. High school girl friends. 
Bonfire and S'more roasting was a great cap to the evening
Mom and dad
my mom and me 

Delaney was so excited to wear a mustache for the mexican themed party!

It was truly a great week and rehearsal dinner night. I had so much fun and the big event hadn't even arrived! 

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