Saturday, October 27, 2012

Honeymooning in Costa Rica

We left town early Monday morning for our honeymoon to Costa Rica. It was so nice to have Sunday to recover and open gifts before departing for the week. I have wanted to go to Costa Rica for some time so I was super excited for this trip. Tom had never been out of the country before so he was eager to see another culture. All in all it was incredible. Whenever anyone asks us about our trip we tell them and then say, "Next time we go..." We are both sure we will be back. We loved the people of Costa Rica and had a truly incredible time. 

Enjoy the pics

when we arrived this was our honeymoon surprise in our room
we read about the resort and enjoyed a midday class of wine on our porch

the beach was small but beautiful. The locals told us it has been high tide ever since the earthquake a month ago.
It was cloudy this day, but it was a beautiful week. Off and on sun and rain for our entire trip.

Our spot... the swim up bar.
many of the hotel employees rode these bikes with little carts to transport things around the large property 

The second day of the trip we woke up and went on an ATV ride to ziplines. Tom and I opted to ride together. It was so fun and provided an opportunity to see many of the nearby beaches.

heading out on the ATV

before starting our zip tour
the group of honeymooners that we went on this tour with

on the way back we stopped a few times for pictures...that's the ocean off in the distance.

Playa Flamigo...the richest part of Costa Rica

these Coati roamed the property...the look like a monkey and raccoon mixed together
Coati in the tree

Pictures of the pool area...the other side of the swim up bar. It was rainy season so it was VERY quiet. So relaxing. 

we watched the Cardinals last win of the season at the pool bar...Tom even had his Cardinals Tervis tumbler 

I snapped some pictures as a storm rolls in 

and the storm hit as I was on the beach! 

sunburned after a sunny day at the pool
these signs should be everywhere...I don't understand how a place that is almost always wet from rain can have the most slippery tile in the world... I almost died a few times.
one night after dinner
our bungalow...we were top left.
these huge iquanas hung out all over. One even swam in the pool past us! Yuck. 

this dinosaur scared me
Tom is not scared...he even tried to touch him until the iquana snapped! 

last day walk on the beach after our massages on the beach.  

our room

Last day sunburns
our bartender, Donald, made us laugh right as he took this picture
Centanario is good Costa Rican rum
the lobby lit up at night
We had an absolutely fabulous trip and cannot wait to go back! We also went to Nicaragua for a day, which was incredible. I will post those pictures separately because there are so many.

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