Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February 2nd Snowy Eve

Boy am I behind on my blogging! 
I looked through my phone and camera to see what I haven't blogged about and came upon pictures from this fun and eventful night. We went to dinner and Double D's karaoke bar on February 2nd for Lizzie's birthday. There were a couple unexpected things that night. 1. I sang karaoke! 2. It snowed like crazy. 

Below is a video of Tom and I singing "Don't Stop Believin'"
 Enjoy...if you aren't too distracted by the dancing drunk couple. 

I got a cool app where the phone twists on the table and gets pictures as it goes. It was a fun party trick to share! 
 When we walked out of Double D's we were in a winter wonderland. St. Louis hadn't called for any snow but it was snowing like crazy. We drove home very slowly. When we got home I told Tom that walking in falling snow is one of my favorite things. So, we put on snow boots and warm clothes and went out for a walk. It was one of my favorite times with Tom ever. It was dead silent outside as it was midnight and snowing, but it was still so bright. We walked around the neighborhood and through the park behind our house. We had the best time and it was absolutely beautiful. All of the snow you see had accumulated during out time at Double D's.

The next morning skies were blue. All the snow melted by afternoon so we
were quite happy we had enjoyed it on Saturday night. 

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Lin Hardick said...

About the singing and the photos: The photos are great!