Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Festivities

For the last few years (whenever the date works) the adults in my family have gotten together and gone to the adult easter hunt put on by Kirkwood and Webster. This year it was at a park in Shrewsbury and was a VERY cold night. We bundled up and went anyway. We just spent very little time out of our cars! It's always a fun event and this year everyone walked away with a prize or two. 
the girls at the hunt...don't mind my mom with her headlamp on backwards. One might think the light digging into her forehead would hurt :) 
Me and Tom..serious as always
The whole group with our headlamps on ready to hunt
Dave and Stephanie

another shot of the girls
Below is a smorgasboard of Easter pics at my grandma's house. We spent the morning at Tom's mom but I, unfortunately, didn't take any pics. We spent the whole day outside as it was a beautiful one! Everyone had so much fun. Yard games, kids running, college basketball and lots of yummy food. Enjoy the photos!
A pretty pitiful attempt at a picture with our godsons
the Treys
Me and Tom
a sweet future lacrosse player
the kids on their mark for the Easter Egg hunt
sweet boy
sweet boys giving each other a hug (Trey and Reese)
all the grandkids except for Joe. That sweet boy was definitely missed. 

toward the end of the day it got really classy. This is the table TJ set up in the backyard so they could keep enjoying the nice weather. I swear he had half of mama's house out in that yard. 
a much better shot of me and my sweet man

this little guy loves to see himself on the's a sure smiler every time
brought out the wedding yard games. SO FUN! Definitely a highlight of my day minus the fact that I was terrible. The smaller kids would climb on between throws and we would have to kick them off for the next round. 
these two really adore each other
T1 and T3

My sweet grandmother and her grandchildren. She is such a trooper!
We definitely had a fun and blessed Easter. My grandmother does a great job cooking for all of us and the kids and adults enjoy the day to relax and play!

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