Monday, April 1, 2013

St. Louis Snow 2013

I love a good snow storm. I am a busy body and appreciate the excuse it gives me to sit inside and do nothing for the day. It really is so nice. December and January were very mild this year so I assumed the snow would never fall. We actually did end up having a couple good snow storms...they were just waiting for lacrosse season to start! Toward the end of February we got a good bit of snow fall in the middle of the day. Tom left for work but Missouri Baptist called school first thing in the morning. I started to clean the house and bake but before I knew it Tom was on his way back him. We were drinking wine and playing Rummikub before noon (don't judge). We had a fire in the first place. I couldn't imagine a better day! 

Rummikub, wine and a fire 

Our snowy little home
 Later in the day we took a walk. Everyone who wasn't allowed to leave work was heading home but the roads were still covered. We watched and helped many stuck vehicles as we walked up Manchester Road to Des Peres park.
snow covered Manchester Road

Des Peres park was quiet and so pretty

by the lake at Des Peres park

The second snow storm didn't come until March 24th. So late in the season and it dumped about a foot of snow on St. Louis. It was a Sunday so we enjoyed just laying around inside and watching the snow fall. The roads were cleared quickly so we only had a late start on Monday. All the snow was melted by Wednesday. What a beautiful way to end the winter season. 
Darnel's campaign sign got covered by the snow

this was the second time Tom shoveled. It just kept on falling. 
the view from our front door
 Onto the next season. I cannot wait for some great spring days. I love the snow but it's time for sunshine and shorts!

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