Monday, August 26, 2013

Last Day on the Road - Onto Portland

After six nights of camping and beautiful drives we arrived at a crummy campsite in Newport, Oregon at around 11 am on Friday. We were supposed to stay there and head into Portland on Saturday morning. We took a look around and decided we would rather just head to Portland and skip out on that site. It was a huge unappealing site which Tom referred to as "cattle herding for humans". We both agreed, so I called Heather to ensure that an early arrival would be okay. She said that would be just fine so we decided that is what we would do. We first stopped in Newport to check out the views and try out Rogue Brewery. It was a great lunch and brewery stop before the three hour drive into Portland.

When we arrived at Heather's we first unloaded the mess that was our little rental car. It was nice to be able to put it into her garage to sort out later. We immediately showered in warm and free showers before we took the opportunity to squeeze all over that little RJ. What a wonderful meeting it was!

After six nights, seven days on the road we were excited to be at a home base. We spend the rest of our trip here and it was wonderful.

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