Monday, August 17, 2015

Our Busy 8 Month Old Baby Boy

This past month Trace became a very very busy little boy. He is a happy fun-loving little guy learning new things each and every day. We are still in awe at how blessed we are by him. A few highlights from the last month: 

*Trace can bite straight off of a banana and toast. It's so cute to see him eat food like a big boy. However, he still has ZERO teeth. 
*He started crawling like a big boy while on vacation. He also pulls up constantly with ease and can climb several steps at once. 
*Trace can play by himself for long periods of time. He doesn't love sitting in toys as much but will move around his play area and play with many different things. 
*Trace is still struggling with getting sleep back in order. He wakes a bit at night. His naps are getting a bit better and more predictable. He naps at 9:00 and 1:00 each day and typically goes for at least an hour but sometimes it is shorter and rarely it is longer. 
*Trace has started to hate car rides. He fusses when he gets put in his carseat and often throws a fit mid car ride. It is not my favorite! 
*Trace can do "so big!" and sometimes says "mama" and "dada" although we are not sure that he actually associates these with mom and dad. 
*Trace has developed a little separation anxiety. He is usually fine while we are gone but cries when he sees us leave or return. 

Below are some of our favorites from our last month together. 

fun at the botanical gardens 
We love to play with cousin Ryan

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