Monday, August 3, 2015

Our Seven Month Old Sweetie Pie

Each month seems to pass with lightning speed and before we know it we will be celebrating our little guy's first birthday. He makes us laugh every day and is keeping us very busy these days. This past month we had some major changes that were exciting to see: 

*Trace is trying more new foods all the time. We have introduced tons of veggies including broccoli, green beans and peas. We have also introduced fruits like mango, blueberries and kiwi. He isn't comfortable with chunks yet but we are getting there. 
*Trace started to army crawl and pull up on furniture and toys. 
*Trace loves his ride along bike that we push. This is his current favorite thing to do. 
*We have gone through a bit of a sleep regression this month. Trace is waking up at least once a month during the night and will only go to sleep after feeding. We've tried holding off for as much as two hours. We are hoping this passes soon! 
*Trace has started getting VERY excited when daddy returns from work. It is the sweetest. 
*Trace is absolutely loving the pool. He loves the lazy river, splash pad and just sitting in the shallow water splashing. 
*Trace has transitioned to just sitting up in the big tub, sitting in the front of the cart and sitting in a high chair at a restaurant. He looks so big doing these things. 

Below are some pictures from our month including a family photo shoot at Des Peres park and many many rides in his favorite car! 

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