Monday, September 29, 2008

I miss Africa!

Many of you know that I am on my third career since graduation from college in 2006. 2006-2007 I taught 8th grade english to the delightful children of Buerkle Middle School. I think it would be putting it lightly to say I abhorred it. 2007-2008 I was a walking counselor at Kirkwood High School. It wasn't terrible, but I mainly did it so I could coach lacrosse. It was a dead end position since I wasn't looking to get hired in the school district. I am finally in a career I might enjoy as the head women's lacrosse coach for Missouri Baptist University. 

Although it's been a struggle to get where I am it hasn't been all bad. The year I taught at Buerkle I was living in the Young Life house. As a Young Life leader I was able to live in the house for free. One might think that would be a great opportunity to save money to buy a house, pay off my car, establish a savings, ect , ect. I thought it was a great opportunity to spend thousands of dollars to go to Africa on a mission trip/safari. Below are very few of the pictures I took... enjoy! 

On the way to the airport my parents handed me Kirkwood -Webster Times to take a picture so they could send it in. I actually did it... these are my second week girls whom I adored. 
Sunsets in Zambia are beautiful. This comes no where near doing it justice. 
Sunset... last night. 
A beautiful tree in Zimbabwe... on the elephant back safari. 
This is the home of Cleopatra. She was in my group during the first week of camp. 

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