Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If you know me, you know of them.

These three children are my pride and joy.  As much as I talk about wanting kids sometimes I wonder if I will be able to love them as much (or find them as cute) as these three. I have had a blast watching Taylor grow up (she is now 13), love chatting with Delaney, and can't help but to listen to Tray babble on about his "frains". Seriously, these three are the best. 

Three reasons why I am glad I didn't move. 
All three of them are SO cute and amazing. I love them so much. Frost number four? 

Scootering her way through the Greentree Parade. 
Right before I took this picture he informed me, "Aunt Tatie, I not gonna fall". His shirt sure does say, "My Mom Rules"
Check out the slobber on the shirt. 
Taylor's gorgeous...enough said.