Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Fourth Birthday, Trey!

My favorite little man, Trey, had a birthday this week. About a month ago he was talking about how he wanted breakfast in bed for his birthday. I am not quite sure where he got this idea, but I decided I would go with it. Saturday evening I called Amy and told her that I may show up in the am. So, 6:45 Sunday morning I was in Schnucks purchasing a chocolate long john with sprinkles... only the best for my little man. 
After waking Amy and Delaney we put his doughnut on a "It's my special day" plate and filled his Thomas cup with chocolate milk. We entered his room singing Happy Birthday and watched him slowly roll over and wake up. I am not sure he opened his eyes until we said, "Trey, we have breakfast in bed for you!" 
Then he rubbed his cute little eyes
and scratched his cute little head
Then he blew out his four candles

A couple times!
He was so excited
and wanted a picture with his doughnut
And if that isn't all cute enough. He got back in bed later to finish his doughnut (notice the pjs are different. This is that night) When he wanted to eat the doughnut he would go to his bed and yell, "Who wants to watch me eat my doughnut?" 

I mean, really, how cute does one get. 
Happy 4th Bday my little man! Love you to pieces. 

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