Friday, January 8, 2010

An Explanation and Good Story

So, I feel like I owe my faithful blog readers an explanation for my blogging hiatus, especially during the most wonderful time of the year when my life should be filled with fun pictures of festivities with family and friends. Here's my two part explanation:

1. My iphoto. I don't know what I did to it. I don't want to go to the genius bar. It won't load my photos correctly. I think it's from when my hard drive was so over ful. I am going to go to the genius bar eventually to figure it out, but part of me just wants a new macbook. That is a purchase for August... SO for now I just wait and try to get as many pictures on my blog as possible.

2. My subject matter. I realized that 90% of my blog is about the adorable small children in my life. Although I love them to peices and know that you probably enjoy their darling pictures, I also think my blog fails to show the fun and exciting things I do with my grown friends. I thought about that for a while and didn't blog, but now I am a bit more committed and will try and share a good combination of those darling little ones and my time with friends.

AND this story:

When I worked at Kirkwood there was a special needs boy who was a sophomore. His name was Chubbs and he was possibly the most likeable kid in the school. Every day when he would come through my lunch line I would yell, "CHHUUUBBSS!!" and he would give me a high five. He was the basketball manager and loved his job. I told him that year that he would be like the kid in New York who hit some threes for the team when his coach put him in the game. To my great delight, the coach put him in the game. Here's the story:

and the Youtube video:

I love it. And Chubbs CLEARLY loved it! I am sure he will never, ever forget that opportunity.

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