Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Private Jet

After my weekend in Baltimore it was time for me to head to New York for the wedding of a very dear friend I met while doing mission work in Africa. The wedding was Sunday afternoon so I woke up very early Sunday morning and caught the Super Shuttle to the airport. I got to the airport a bit early and arrived at my empty gate. No other passengers, no crew. Strange. I mean I was an hour early, but there was NO ONE in sight. About 45 minutes before take off this woman walked up to me and said, "Hey! So YOU are the other one?!" She was referring to me as the other passenger. You see we were the only two people on the plane.. Ha. Not a tiny plane, but a real deal legitimate plane. While I didn't find this too bizarre the woman and the crew found it crazy. The pilot came to us while waiting at the gate and gave us all the information so he wouldn't have to come over the speaker. When we boarded the plane he had us both sit in the cockpit and get our picture taken.'s the kicker... when we landed he announced, "Katie and Ellen, we are now beginning our final descent into New York LaGuardia airport". The flight attendants even gave us treat bags to take home. It was quite a little adventure. Ellen was a sweet woman and we both had our own personal flight attendant... what a fun trip :)
One of the many reasons I fly Southwest--- they are so nice

Another interesting part of all of this is that I had to fly back through Baltimore to get to St. Louis the next day. That flight was overbooked to the point that I was able to give up my seat for a flight voucher. Apparently people would rather be in Baltimore than New York...even after that terrible Ravens loss.